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About Brand - Innisfree

Innisfree was South Korea’s first all-natural beauty brand. It promotes ethical consumption, using eco-friendly packaging and organic ingredients certified by France's ECOCERT. 

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Innisfree offers innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest ingredients from Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. A popular holiday island off Korea's coast, this volcanic oasis is where Innisfree sustainably sources skin-loving, natural ingredients. 


Innisfree’s proprietary extraction methods preserve the purity and potency of these wholesome ingredients from plant to bottle, offering advanced formulas that safely address all skin concerns without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Innisfree is dedicated to using natural ingredients embodying Jeju Island’s clean and pure environment, pursuing a sustainable green lifestyle, and seeking harmony between nature and beauty. 


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Jeju Island is a unique oasis that offers a sensorial escape from the fast-paced daily life. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile island has a unique ecosystem. That gives Jeju unparalleled resources that are ideal for nurturing beautiful skin. The island’s volcanic soil also makes the land exceptionally fertile. 


This works in harmony with Jeju’s natural elements—mineral-rich water, ideal precipitation levels and perfect temperatures — to yield superior ingredients. Innisfree has a long connection with Jeju Island, having grown its own green tea there for decades. In its current skin care collection, Innisfree Australia has hand-picked over 15 natural ingredients to use in their skincare. 


By responsibly sourcing these ingredients, Innisfree also helps protect the local community, ensuring a sustainable relationship with the island. 


Popular Innisfree Products 




The best Innisfree products include the No Sebum Mineral Powderand No Sebum Mineral Pact. The first is a loose powder and the second a hard pact. Both help control excess sebum, prevents breakouts and leave the skin with a matte finish that's perfect to set makeup. 


With naturally-derived mint extracts, mineral salt from Jeju Island lava seawater, this powder has won several beauty awards. 




Another fan-favourite from Innisfree is the brand's famous green tea seed line. Formulated with fresh, organically grown green tea leaves from Korea's Jeju Island, this hydrating and refreshing green tea care line helps replenish the skin’s optimal level of hydration. It is a must-try for those with oily, combination and normal skin types. 


To learn more about Jeju green tea, tune into this episode of our Kbeauty podcast


Innisfree's green tea range helps to energise and brighten tired-looking, dull and stressed skin. 




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