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Explore Our Wide Range Of K-beauty Cleansers Curated For Every Skin Type.

Facial cleansers are an essential first step in every skincare routine.

Before layering your Korean essences, serums, ampoules, moisturisers and sleeping masks, it is important to properly cleanse your skin. 

Korean cleansers tend to be gentler on the skin, leading to fewer breakouts and irritations. 

Cleansing your skin before applying your skincare products is essential to prevent clogged pores, skin troubles, bacteria and impurities. 

Feeling Overwhelmed By The Different Korean Beauty Cleansing Options? 


Here's what to know the various types of K-Beauty cleansers and how to pick the perfect one for your skin type.


Which Korean Cleanser Should I Use for My Skin Type? 


Dry and sensitive skin types work best with cream cleansers, oil cleansers, cleansing milks and lotions.


Normal and combination skin types have the pick of the bunch, as they can usually use almost anything, however they work best with oil cleansers, cleansing foams, sherbet cleansers and cleansing tissues.


Oily skins benefit from soaps, cleansing foams, cleansing oils, cleansing powders and tissues / wipes.


Types of Korean Face Cleansers


Foam Cleansers


The vast majority of Korean face washes come in the form of foam cleansers. Foam cleansers are mild and luxurious washes that foam when combined with water. Containing everything from volcanic clay to baking powder, sugar and egg whites, no matter what skin issue you have, there is a Korean foam cleanser that will sort it out.


Foam cleansers are ideal for deep cleansing however they aren’t always great at removing makeup. This is where cleansing oils and balms come in! 


Balm Cleansers


Cleansing balms have soft, buttery or sorbet-like textures that melts away once you apply them to your face. They go on as a solid balm and are usually applied with a spatula or spoon.


Balm cleansers are very popular in Korea because they effortlessly dissolve stubborn makeup and cast out impurities without stripping your skin of beneficial oils.




Soap cleansers can be used to get rid of makeup, as well as clarifying and tightening your pores. They lather up easily with water, however, if you like, you can use them with sponges, brushes, loofers or even an electric cleansing machine to get a deeper, soapier cleanse happening. 


In general, cleansing soaps work really well on oily skin types. 


Oil Cleansers 


Oil-based cleansers are perfect for dissolving the makeup, dirt and impurities that become lodged in your skin throughout the day. They are also great for blackhead removal. Use your oil-based cleanser as Step 1, to whisk away the day’s makeup and then follow it up with a foam cleanser for Step 2. 


The double cleanse method will have your skin looking squeaky clean and feeling fantastic When should I use a skin cleanser? They should be used at the first step of your skincare routine. While cleansing is an essential step of any skincare routine regardless of your skin type, it is important to not overdo it. 


Cleansing your face with a facial wash can be done 2 times daily or depending on how your skin reacts. If you experience redness, irritation or discomfort after cleansing, there is a high possibility that your cleanser may be too harsh for your skin. Instead, switch to a gentle, pH balanced formula that does not contain artificial fragrances, colourants or acid ingredients. 


Ingredients to look for in facial cleansers 


As with any other skincare product, identifying which ingredients work well for your skin type and skin concerns can benefit in helping you find the best Korean cleanser for your skin. 


If you have oily, acne-prone or troubled skin look for ingredients that help control excess sebum like AHA, BHA and PHAs. 


Tea tree and Centella asiatica (aka Cica) are also ideal to calm and sooth irritated skin. For those with dry skin, it is recommended to opt for cleansers that contain ceramides or hyaluronic acid as they help replenish and retain adequate moisture even after cleansing. Avoid harsh ingredients like alcohols, artificial fragrances or sulfates that give a squeaky clean finish as these will strip away your skin’s natural oils, leaving it feeling tight and dry. 


Finally, if you are someone with sensitive skin that is prone to redness and irritation, it is best to opt for a cleanser that has minimal ingredients and dermatologically-tested formula. 


These type of cleansers are specially formulated without the addition of unnecessary ingredients, making them one of the best, for all other skin types as well.


Why Should I Cleanse My Face?


Getting into the habit of using the best skin cleansers for your skin is beneficial in the long term, as it helps maintain optimal balance, prevents troubled skin and buildup of dead skin cells which can leave your complexion looking dull. At STYLE STORY, we stock the best Korean cleansers for your skincare routine.


If you need help picking out the perfect Kbeauty cleanser for your skin type reach out to our STYLE STORY team for a free Kbeauty skincare consultation.

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