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K-Beauty Face Masks

K-Beauty Face Masks

Korean skin care is famous for its wide range of face masks. 

From sheet masks that will give you a 15-minute facial to sleeping masks that go to work overnight while you go to sleep. There is literally a face mask for every skin type, skin age and skin concern. 

Whether you're searching for wash-off masks, leave on masks, one-use masks or multi-use masks, we've got them! 

Browse this collection of our favourite Korean masks. 

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Your Guide to the Best Korean Face Masks


Confused about which Korean facial mask is perfect for you? 


Take a look at STYLE STORY's handy guide to the best Kbeauty face masks! 


Types of Korean Face Masks 


Korean face masks come in a variety of different formulations, the most common of which are: 


Sheet Masks:


One of K-beauty's most recognisable products, sheet masks are made of fabric, gel or cellulose sheets. 


They are pre-cut to fit the shape of your face and are then soaked in essence. Apply a sheet mask to your face for 10 - 20 minutes for the best results. Remember to remove the mask before it dries out or else you risk undoing the good work! 


PS: There's no need to rinse your face after using a mask sheet. Instead, just pat any remaining essence into your face! 


Wash Off Masks


Coming in a variety of formulas, wash off masks are perfect for sloughing away dead skin cells, clearing out the pores and buffing away rough patches. 


Whether you're after a quick fix for dull, dry skin or an alternative to chemical exfoliants, there is a Korean beauty wash off mask that's perfect for you! 


Sleeping Mask


A Korean beauty invention, sleeping masks are usually gel type face masks that are applied before you go to bed. They provide a more intense treatment than other skincare products. Korean sleeping masks make the most of the skin's natural repair cycle to leave your skin well-rested, hydrated and luminous when you wake up the next morning. 


Lip Mask


Korean lip masks deliver a hit of moisture directly to dry, chapped lips. They're perfect to use at night before bed and during winter to stave off dry, patchy and flaking lips. 


Hydrogel Eye Mask


Kbeauty has perfected hte hydrogel eye mask to deliver deep moisture to the most sensitive and delicate part of your skin - your under eyes! Korean beauty hydrogel eye masks come in gentle, non-irritating formulas that are perfect for all skin types. 


What is the best Korean Face Mask? 


The best Korean face mask for you depends on your skin type, skin concerns and budget. 


The most important thing is to match your mask to your skin type. 


If you have oily or combination skin, look for masks that are clarifying and hydrating in nature, with ingredients like tea tree, Centella asiatica, green tea or aloe vera that boasts calming and hydrating benefits for your skin. 


They also have a soothing, cooling properties to help with calming redness and inflammation. 


For those with drier skin types, opt for Korean face masks with hydrating and moisturising benefits. Richly nourishing and moisturising ingredients that support the skin and strengthen the skin barriers are ideal. Keep an eye out for squalane, beta glucan, oils, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and collagen.


Why use a Korean Beauty Face Mask 


Regular application of Korean face masks can assist to deliver additional benefits to your skin. 


Shop the best Korean beauty face masks online at STYLE STORY 


Shop the best range of Korean face masks in Australia at STYLE STORY. We have a variety of face masks to suit your skin type, skin concern and budget. 


Need help picking the perfect Korean mask for you? Reach out to our STYLE STORY team of Kbeauty experts for a free skincare consultation.

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