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K-beauty Masks You Need This Winter

December 31, 2020

K-beauty Masks You Need This Winter

Winter Is Well And Truly Here And While That’s Great For Cozy Fireplacesvand Snuggling In Bed, It’s Not So Great For Your Skin.

Looking to combat dull winter skin?

These are the K-Beauty masks you need this winter!

Banish Winter Skin

Korean winters are harsh and long, with icy Siberian winds making the temperatures, quite frankly, bloody freezing. It’s not unusual for winter days to drop below -20 °C in Seoul.

Luckily for us, Aussie winters are nowhere near as extreme. What this does mean, however, is that Korean beauty products are perfect for tackling winter skin issues.

One of our favourite treats for dull, dry and dehydrated winter skin is K-Beauty masks.

K-beauty Mask-101

Sheet masks are simple, single-use masks made from cotton, hydro-gel or other soft materials. They contain cut-outs for your nose, eyes and mouth.

Masks offer a convenient and fuss-free facial treatment pre-soaked in luxurious serums and essences.

They’re perfect for winter because they create an occlusive barrier that seals the ingredients in the masks into your skin.

K-beauty Masks You Need This Winter

Glowhill Glam Gold Makeup Facial Mask (Box of 10) – This gorgeous gold facial mask gives you an immediate tone-up with the help of real gold, diamond powder, niacinamide and more! This mask is perfect to use when you want to skip your base makeup before applying foundation or when you want your naked skin to shine.

APLB Blue Masks– Looking to soothe and calm skin? Looking to revive and restore moisture to depleted skin? Sit back for half an hour and let APLB take care of the rest!

Briskin’s Real Fit Second Skin SOS Trouble Care Mask – Skin looking dull and feeling troubled? Give this mask a few minutes to help fight inflammation, soothe, protect and optimally hydrate skin.


Winter skin sucks.

Not only does it look visibly drier, flakier and duller, it also makes fine lines and wrinkles appear more visible and makeup cake easier.

If your skin is suffering in the winter weather, treat yo’self to a K-Beauty face mask. You’ll get a glow without leaving the comfort of your own heater!

What are the K-Beauty masks YOU need this winter? Let us know your top picks in the comments!

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The K-beauty Product Taking Over Instagram
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"Masks offer a convenient and fuss-free facial treatment pre-soaked in luxurious serums and essences."


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