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Using Sheet Masks Too Long Increases Your Risk of Dermatitis

February 15, 2022

Using Sheet Masks Too Long Increases Your Risk of Dermatitis

Using Sheet Masks Too Long Increases Your Risk of Dermatitis


Episode Title: Using Sheet Masks Too Long Increases Your Risk of Dermatitis - Ep 97 of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast


Episode Description:

On this episode of the podcast, Lauren discusses the findings by a Chinese research team looking into the risks of wearing sheet masks for too long, as well as some of the key signs to look out for if you think you're experiencing a product allergy, plus what to do about it. 



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Episode Summary:


News - Using Sheet Masks for More Than 20 Mins Increases Risk of Dermatitis 

A recent study in China has shown that using mask sheets for more than 20 minutes at a time increases the likelihood of dermatitis.

According to a report released through Scientific Reports, the Chinese research team recruited 175 subjects aged 18 or older in China. They divided them into two groups to conduct the experiment. The same mask was applied to 35 people in the first group for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes, respectively.  The remaining 140 people were required to apply one of four different sheet masks for 15 minutes.

Afterwards, the researchers measured the levels of phenoxyethanol and methylparabene levels in the face. This was to determine the degree of exposure to these two common preservatives, both of which have the potential to cause contact dermatitis in some consumers.

As a result of the experiment, the researchers noted that the participants' relative exposure to the two preservatives gradually increased over time, but increased rapidly from 25 minutes. 

Based on the results of their experiment, the research team concluded that, " is not recommended to wear a mask for more than 20 minutes," although they caveated that their results were specific to east Asians and exposure risks would vary based on race, gender, skin and blood type.  

They also noted that different types of mask sheets deliver substances to the skin differently and that exposure in their experiment increased when switching to a cellulose mask sheet material. 

Question of the Week - What can I do if i think I’m allergic to a skincare product?

If you think you are having a bad reaction to a skincare product, then follow these steps: 

  1. Stop using it. 
  2. Take a look at the ingredients list and make a note of it so that you can refer to it later. 
  3. There are some ingredients that are more likely to cause reactions, allergies and sensitivities in some skincare users and these include things like retinols, AHAs, BHAs, niacinamide, Vitamin E, parabens like butyl paraben, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, ethyl paraben,  butylene glycol, propylene glycol,  emollients like lanolin, coconut butter, cocoa butter, isopropyl palmitate, isostearyl isosterate, myristyl lactate, sulfates like SLS, fragrances and essential oils. 
  4. Take an allergy test - doctors and dermatologists can run tests to see whether you are allergic to a specific food and also to ingredients in cosmetics that may cause reactions to appear on the face and neck. 

Using Sheet Masks Too Long Increases Your Risk of Dermatitis



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Using Sheet Masks Too Long Increases Your Risk of Dermatitis - The Korean Beauty Show Podcast

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Based on the results of their experiment, the research team concluded that, " is not recommended to wear a mask for more than 20 minutes"

- Chinese Research Team

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