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Microbiome & Probiotics

Microbiome & Probiotics

Much like when it comes to gut bacteria and health, our skin is also constantly interacting with the environment. It protects us from infection, sun damage and also influences our skin's immunity.

Having a healthy skin microbiome is important because it helps fight bad bacteria and protect our skin from stressors. It also protects us against skin conditions like dermatitis and rosacea, as well as flare-ups and inflammation etc.

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Microbiome and Probiotic Skincare



Why Is it Important?


Because a healthy microbiome means healthier skin. 


Not familiar with the microbiome? 


The key to understanding biome health is understanding the three primary Biotics; pre, pro and post-biotics. 


  1. Firstly, prebiotics are foods that the natural flora on our skin consumes 
  2. Secondly, probiotics are the optimal strains of living bacteria that balance out our natural flora;
  3. Finally, postbiotics are the outputs or leftovers from probiotics


Benefits of Probiotics in Skincare


When it comes to the benefits of probiotic skincare, the idea is to maintain your skin's barrier health. Microbiome balance is important for this because it can help with skin concerns like:

  1. Aging and environmental factors;
  2. Optimising your skin’s natural pH levels;
  3. Calming irritated and red skin;
  4. Locking in moisture.


What Are Probiotic Ingredients?


You'll often hear ingredients like ferments and lysates described as "probiotics". However, because these bacteria are no longer alive, they are more accurately described as post-biotics, i.e. the by-product of probiotics. 


Why don't cosmetics contain active or live bacteria?


Because they are less safe and stable. Live bacteria are less predictable and therefore pose a greater risk of contamination, meaning they are not a popular ingredient choice for most companies. 


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