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What’s So Good About Sheet Masks?

December 31, 2020

What’s So Good About Sheet Masks?

Sheet masks.

You Know Those Halloween-style, Phantom Of The Opera Face Masks You’ve Been Seeing Lots Of On Insty And Facebook?

With Everyone From Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen, January Jones And This Crazy Train Lady Wearing Them, You Might Be Wondering – What’s All The Fuss About?

Let Us Break It Down For You.

What Are Sheet Masks?

Sheet masks are simple, single-use masks made from cotton, hydro-gel or other soft materials.

They contain handy cutouts for your nose, eyes and mouth and some even have straps to hang over your ears!

Sheet masks work as a facial treatment and come pre-soaked in luxurious feeling serums and essences.

They are designed to weave their magic in 15 – 45 minutes, and promise everything from plumper, brighter, bouncier skin to younger, smoother and tighter skin.

Sheet masks contain a wide variety of different ingredients, from the ordinary (like collagen, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid) to the luxurious (propolis, black pearl, 24k gold and caviar) to the downright weird and wacky (think – bee venom, bird’s nest and snail mucin!)

While sheet masks have been popular in Asia for years, now that Hollywood has caught on the whole world seems to be going crazy for them.

But now for the big questions – aside from making for an awesome Insty post – what do they actually do and do they actually work?!

What Do They Do?

The sheet mask itself works by creating an “occlusive barrier”. This basically means it sits on top of your face and physically seals in the ingredients it contains. This constant contact with your skin allows it to effectively absorb the ingredients contained in the mask.

Basically, when you wear a mask on your face, your skin is like a chook basting in the oven, soaking in goodness.

Why Are They So Good?

Apart from feeling ridiculously decadent and luxurious on your face, sheet masks are awesome because they actually work!

Every skin type can benefit from using a sheet mask – whether you’ve got dull, dry skin, large pores or acne – there’s a face mask out there designed to soothe, calm, plump, nourish and boost your complexion.

They are also super convenient. Packed with just the right amount of product for a single treatment, you can use them wherever and whenever you like – you can even pull a Chinese train lady and pop one on during your morning commute! (…or, you know, not..)

Sheet masks are great for travel, especially for long distance flights from Australia, where you can mask mid-flight to freshen up, or whack one on when you arrive at your destination to combat the side effects of plane air-conditioning and 24 hours without sleep.

You can’t use sheet masks too often either.

Time considerations aside, most Asian beauty masks are soft and gentle enough that you can literally use one every night if you want! Some treatments are even specifically designed for this.

What’s not to love about Korean Sheet Masks when they get your skin glowing and come in cute packages like this?!

Okay, Okay I Get It. Sheet Masks Are Awesome. But Which Ones Should I Be Using?

Well, like most skin treatments, the best sheet mask for your skin will depend on your

  • skin type,
  • which issues you are trying to treat and i
  • which ingredients your skin responds to.

Our Favourite Sheet Masks

Some Of Style Story’s Favourite Sheet Masks?

  1. Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask

    One of our personal favourites and also one of STYLE STORY’s best-selling masks, the Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack is a luxurious facial sheet mask that contains active ingredients Snail Secretion Filtrate and Bee Venom. It works on even the most sensitive, acne-prone skin to calm redness, even out skin tone, brighten the complexion and minimise wrinkles. Plus, it contains no harmful fillers.

  2. Leaders Insolution Skin Clinic Aquaringer Mask

    Another favourite, the Leaders Insolution Skin Clinic “Aquaringer” is one of the best-selling face masks in Asia. Developed by dermatologists in beauty-obsessed South Korea, it works to reverse the effects of dehydration on dull, dry skin, leaving your skin visibly softer and delightfully bouncier. 

  3. Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask

    Bathed in beauty ingredient de jour bee propolis, the Tosowoong Pure Propolis Maskis a divine sheet mask that visibly brightens skin tone and helps diminish wrinkles. It also contains wonder beauty ingredients niacinamide and adenosine to target dark spots, dull skin and pigmentation. This must-have mask is from one of Korea’s hottest up-and-coming beauty labels Tosowoong.

  4. Jj Young By Caolion Lab Pore Charcoal Mud Sheet Mask

    This is not your regular sheet mask! The unique 3D pore tightening mask dries to firmly fit your exact face shape. Peel it off to remove sebum and impurities and deeply cleanse your pores. It’ll leave your face visibly firmer, smoother and more hydrated

  5. Package Everyday Bouncy Sheet Mask

    Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging – these beautiful face masks contain some seriously hard-working ingredients to have your skin looking smoother, softer and more hydrated! This mask is jam-packed with glow inducing ingredients like honey, propolis, galactomyces, hyaluronic acid and more.

The Style Story Verdict?

We love sheet masks.

Not only are they super fun and highly relaxing, they give real results that will have your skin looking softer, suppler and healthier. Unlike other beauty treatments, these are also one skincare indulgence that won’t break the budget.

Have you tried a sheet mask lately? What’s your favourite?!

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"Every skin type can benefit from using a sheet mask – whether you’ve got dull, dry skin, large pores or acne – there’s a face mask out there designed to soothe, calm, plump, nourish and boost your complexion."


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