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Jello Skin Trend

October 18, 2022

Jello Skin Trend

Episode Description


The Jello Skin trend is emerging as a new K-Beauty trend, promising firmer, more elastic skin that looks like Jello. Plus, there's a new Korean ingredient showing promising results for relieving chronic inflammation and atopic dermatitis. Lauren also shares a popular Korean American artist making murals around the world for the recommendation of the week. 



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K-Beauty News

(I have translated all of these from Korean so please quote me if using any of the information below) 


Jello Skin Trend Hits Korea 

  • "Jello Skin" is emerging as a new K-beauty trend on SNS such as TikTok and YouTube guaranteeing firmer, more elastic skin
  • #jelloskin-related videos have recorded more than 15 million views on SNS, drawing attention as a next-generation K-beauty trend.
  • Jello Skin's core point of difference is that it's not about caring for the skin temporarily or with makeup but caring for your overall lifestyle 
  • Inner Beauty products like Glutathione can help improve your skin 
  • The quality of sleep is also important 
  • Try Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask and Bubble Tea Steam Cream
  • For more info on how to get jello skin take a look at our blog post! 


Potential New Ingredient to Help with Dermatitis

  • A Korean freshwater plant known as “Jomgaegatnaengi” (좀개갓냉이) has been found to relieve chronic inflammation and atopic dermatitis
  • Researchers at the Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Resources conducted research into the anti-inflammatory effect of the extract and found that it inhibits the production of representative chemokines (TARC, MDC) that cause atopy. 
    • Chemokine is an objective indicator of the severity of atopic dermatitis, and chemokine expression increases in atopic dermatitis lesions. 
    • Research still in its infancy as tests have only been conducted on mice at present 

New Korean Ingredient for Dermatitis


People Complaining About the Lack of Visitors at the Kbeauty Expo

  • As I mentioned on last week's episode about the Korean Beauty Expo 2022, it seemed like there were a lot less people at this year's K-Beauty Expo than in previous years. It turns out my suspicion was correct.
  • Apparently there have been growing complaints from many companies that opened booths about the lack of visitors
  • Some were even expressing regret at having opened a booth and others about the identity and quality of the buyers, as well as about the absence of Chinese buyers.
  • Some people thought they should give up even visiting next year. 


Question of the Week - Medical Devices and HIFU

On past podcast episodes I've talked through some of the latest technologies in Korea, including things like HIFU. Apparently a lot of people have been emailing us asking for help buy medical equipment for their home and business; however this is not something we are able to assist with because we don't sell or manufacture these devices. 


Top 3 Best-Selling K-Beauty Products This Week 

  1. Kahi Wrinkle Multi Balm 
  2. Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream 
  3. COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Essence

Jello Skin Trend


New Korean Beauty Product Reviews

  • APLB Noni Serum
  • Happy customer!
  • "I’ve used this almost everyday since I received it, even on the days I’m in a rush. Skin feels nice and hydrated. Since incorporating this with a few products from stylestory I can no longer say I have combination skin, it’s so much more balanced! I’ve also used this for a diy mask serum too and works great."


  • NINE LESS Magic Nine Fill Up Silk Hair Treatment 200ml
  • Smoothed and tamed my hair
  • "This was a nice product to use on my dry and frizzy, unruly hair. Smells quite pleasant, similar to conditioner. I didn't notice to much when I put it into my wet hair and while it was drying, but was really happy the next day! I woke up to soft curls and less frizzy, much better behaved hair!!!! Very happy with the results and think this is an excellent product for the price."




Recommendation of the Week 

  • @Royyaldog - an artist does a lot of murals around Korea and worldwide  
  • Real name Chris Changyang Shim (심찬양)
    • A Korean graffiti writer and street artist best known for his photorealistic murals of African American women in traditional Korean hanbok. 
    • Check out his website Royyaldog and his Instagram
    • He even has murals of Rihanna and Michele Obama in Hanbok 


STYLE STORY - Your Go To for Kbeauty

The K-Beauty Expo 2022
The K-Beauty Expo 2022
Fall Beauty Trends in Korea
Fall Beauty Trends in Korea
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"Jelly skin related videos have recorded more than 15 million views on SNS, drawing attention as a next-generation K-beauty trend."

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show podcast

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