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The K-Beauty Expo 2022

October 13, 2022

The K-Beauty Expo 2022

The K-Beauty Expo 2022 

Lauren runs through the top trends from the K-Beauty Expo 2022, including stem cells, natural soaps, vegan products, refillable packaging and collagen pillow cases. 


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Big trends for this year:

  • Vegan 
  • Natural soaps 
  • Stem cells 
    • There were brands doing human stem cells
    • Another brand I spoke with was using plant cell culture and molecular switch technology to develop and commercialize natural ingredients. 
    • Viniferin was one of the key ingredients. It is a natural bio material found in grape flowers. It has potential skin-lightening ingredient that is "reported as being 62 stronger than Vitamin C, 13 times higher than arbutin and higher than Kojic acid"
    • Founded by a professor at Dankook University who has studied natural functional bio materials for more than 30 years,
    • The company explained that the substances exist in very small amounts in vine stems and flower rice. They manage to secure them in large quantities by combining molecular switch technology and cell culture technology.
    • Another key ingredient was Avenanthramide, a group of polyphenol ingredients found in oats. They product the extracts from germinated oats grown in smart farms. 


Other exhibitors included:

  • Packaging
  • Raw materials
  • Devices and machines (including ones to analyse your skin)

Brands exhibiting

The K-Beauty Expo 2022

My Favourite New Find -Collagen Pillow Cases

  • The collagen peptides in the pillow cover can soften and hydrate your skin while you sleep 
  • They are in the fabric fiber
  • Using marine collagen which is infused into the cellulose fabric fiber—it softens and hydrates your skin.
  • The brand I spoke to was Puritual 
    • They are using a FITI certified anti-mite cloth 
    • Collagen is better for preventing sleep creases on the skin and bed hair compared to nylon, cotton and silk 
    • It provides moisture care, anti-static care and night care 
    • Made using zero waste collagen from fish scales and bio polymer combined with a soft Tencel sheet made from sustainable wood sources 

The Korean Beauty Expo 2022

Packaging Trends

  • Refillable packaging - airless refillable pumps and containers 


STYLE STORY - Your Go To for Kbeauty 

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"Top themes at this year's K-Beauty Expo were similar to previous years with a focus on natural, "clean" and vegan beauty"

- Lauren Lee, K-Beauty Expo

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