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Fall Beauty Trends in Korea

October 25, 2022

Fall Beauty Trends in Korea

Korea's first cosmetic containers made from 100% pure waste plastic oil are on their way and a digital transformation is afoot in the beauty industry. Plus, we're looking at fall beauty trends in Korea and the K-Beauty products to shop if you're visiting Korea from overseas!



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Episode Summary


K-Beauty News Headlines

I have translated the news headlines from Korean into English so please credit me if re-sharing this content. 

Korea's First Eco Friendly Cosmetic Containers Made from 100% Pure Waste 

  • LG Household & Health Care has produced an eco-friendly cosmetic container made of 100% pure waste plastic pyrolysis oil for the first time in Korea's cosmetics industry.

  • It will be mass-produced from January next year after undertaking a safety evaluation 

  • Waste plastic pyrolysis oil is an oil made by heating plastic waste that is difficult to recycle, such as waste vinyl and composite materials, at a high temperature of 300 to 500°C in an anaerobic state.

  • Previously, it was difficult to use waste plastic pyrolysis oil as a raw material for eco-friendly plastic due to impurities such as chlorine.

  • To bring the project to life, LG Household & Health Care will cooperate with Hyundai Chemical and Lotte Chemical. 


Fall Beauty Trends in Korea 

Digital Transformation of the Beauty Industry 

  • A lot of brands and companies are making moves to innovate online at the moment, spurred on in part by the pandemic

  • Some stores have launched "Virtual Artists" that allows users to experience makeup services that they could have done previously by visiting stores. Instead, this can now be experienced in-app or online. 

  • Other companies are using the data they have accumulated from their customers' in relation to past purchases and skin diagnosis to provide customized services (beauty counseling, product proposal)

  • Others are using heat maps of where customers visit to decide product placement in stores 

Fall Beauty Trends in Korea


Fall 2022 K-Beauty Trend: "Inside Moisture" or Moisture From Within 

  • In Korea, fall weather is characterized by a sharp drop in temperature. The chilly morning and evening winds can make skin very sensitive. This can disrupt the skin barrier, making it easier than ever to loose moisture from the skin. The skin's outer layer can become dry and the stratum corneum can also be damaged, causing dead skin cells to accumulate.

  • This fall, a key trending is "inside moisture" (aka beauty items that prevent moisture loss in the skin) and also improve broken skin barriers. 

  • The trending products are the ones that aim to prevent chronic dryness or the tightening of the skin and also supply deep moisture. 

  • Try Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution Biome Water Cream, Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream and Illiyoon Ultra Repair Cream

Question of the Week  - What K-Beauty products should I shop in Korea that we can’t get in the States?

  • For K-Beauty these days it is relatively easy and accessible to shop most products online if not offline. Some Korean Beauty products that may not be as easy to buy in the States that you might want to stock up on are:

    • Luxury brands;
    • A wider selection of makeup from certain brands (Unleashia, Romand, Age20s are all popular at the moment)
    • Dermatologist brands
      • BUT they can be a little hard to buy in Korea unless you go to a dermatologist’s clinic


Top Trending Korean Beauty Products This Week 

Two new products entered the best-sellers charts:

  1. Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam
  2. Subi Perfect Pimple Patch


New K-Beauty Reviews

    • I like this - not my absolute favourite cleansing balm but a lot better than some other high end ones I have tried and I have tried about 6 or 7. It removes the makeup in the first cleanse and leaves skin feeling lovely - I have dry skin and it doesn't fell tight at all afterwards
  • 5 Stars - Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream 
  • Love this cream
    • I have just purchased my second jar. I have dry skin and this is so good under my makeup. Soaks in and my makeup stays on all day. Nice smell as well

New Review For the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

  • “Perfect Snippet of Weekly Beauty”
  • I could listen to Lauren talk about skincare and Korean trends for hours…and I have since I recently became a listener only a few weeks ago and wanted to catch up on episodes. 😅 Lauren has been my companion while doing chores and things around the house so I can hyper-fixate on beauty 24/7. I love how to-the-point she is, fitting many segments into each episode, which makes listening easy and fun. ❤️


Recommendation of the Week - Korean Figure Skaters 

Korea's junior figure skaters are killing it at the moment on the international circuit. Some of the ones to watch out for are:

  • Hannah Lim / Ye Quan, ice dancers representing Korea. Check out their fun dance to "Gangnam Style"
  • Chaeyeon Kim, who recently medalled in the Junior Grand Prix series 
  • Jia Shin, one of Korea's most talented junior figure skaters 


STYLE STORY - Your Go To for Kbeauty 

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Jello Skin Trend
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"Moisture from within is the key trend everyone is talking about the fall in Korea"

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

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