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5 Ways to Use Cleansing Balms and Oils

May 26, 2022

5 Ways to Use Cleansing Balms and Oils

Unexpected Other Ways to Use Cleansing Balms and Oil Cleansers


If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you’re a pro at using oil-based cleansers and balms already. Or maybe you've ended up with a cleansing oil that breaks you out and isn't right for your skin? Rather than waste it, you'd rather to put it to use another way. 

While oil cleansing is great for removing makeup, sunscreen and other oil-based impurities as the first step of adouble cleansing routine, they have plenty of other uses as well.  

Let’s have a look at a few of them!


1. As a Shaving Cream Substitute 

If you’ve picked up your shaving razor only to find out you’re out of shaving cream, don’t rely on body wash.  

Just apply an oil cleanser to wherever you need and shave as normal!  

For optimum results, use an oil cleanser to prep the skin before applying shaving cream. This will give you the closest, smoothest shave possible.


5 Other Uses for Cleansing Balms and Cleansing Oils


2. To Clean Your Makeup Tools  

Just like oil cleansing washes away oil based impurities, oil cleansers can also remove oil, debris and dirt from your makeup brushes and tools as well. We love a multi-use product! 

The best way to clean your makeup tools is just like double cleansing.  Work a little of your cleansing balm onto your tools and run under water to emulsify your cleanser.  Follow up with awater based cleanser to deeply clean and revitalise your makeup tools.

Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes will condition the bristles and preserve their longevity.


5 Other Ways to Use Cleansing Balms and Oil Cleansers


3. To Remove Blackheads 

Move aside, pore strips. There’s a better way to get rid of pesky blackheads - yep, oil cleansers!

Given blackheads are oil based, cleansing oils help break down the outer plug of the blackhead, making extraction a cinch.  

For even more Kbeauty tips to remove blackheads, tune into the Korean Beauty Show podcast:



4. To Get Rid of Deodorant Residue

If your deodorant stubbornly sticks to your skin no matter how long it’s been on, double cleansing can help here too!  Simply start with anoil cleanser to remove deodorant and follow up with your usual body wash.


5. Use it around the house to remove stains

Got a stain somewhere unexpected? Maybe your bathroom tiles have a spot of makeup that just won't go away? Sunscreen on your car's driving wheel? Perhaps you sprayed a root spray to cover your greys and a spot ended up on your bathroom sink?

Trusty oil cleanser to the rescue! Apply a spot of oil cleanser to a cotton pad and wipe until the spot disappears. 


Do you have any other unexpected ways that you're using cleansing balms and oil cleansers around the house?

If so, drop them in the comments! 


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"Sometimes you end up with a product that's just not right for you. Don't throw it away though! Here are 5 other ways to use cleansing balms and oil cleansers so they don't go to waste"


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