Broke Beauty Guide Ep-22

January 13, 2021

Broke Beauty Guide Ep-22

Broke Beauty Guide

Episode Title: Broke Beauty Guide Ep-22

Episode Description:

Can’t seem to rub two cents together but #beautyislife? I feel you!

Whether you’re still a student or just terrible at making your budget last til the next pay day, today we’re talking my Broke Beauty Guide.

We’ll tackle the skincare and K-Beauty essentials to use in your routine without going broke in the process.

Episode Summary:

On today’s episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast we are talking “beauty on a budget”. Times are tough and not everyone has the money up their sleeves for bougee beauty buys. Which is why today I’m running through my top tricks for identifying what you need, how to stop wasting products and which products to scrimp and save on.

Broke Beauty Guide – My Top Tips

1 Identify Your Must-have Products

  • Before you go out and purchase all the products, take stock of what it is you really need and allocate your budget there.
  • If you are suffering from specific skin issues, treat those first

2 Use Up Your Old Products Before You Buy New Ones

  • Make sure that you’re only buying products you actually need – ideally, by replacing new for old.
  • Remember – most skincare products have a shelf life of between 6 – 12 months once they are opened, so if you’ve got multiple types of the same product on-the-go at once, this can quickly lead to wastage.

3 Condense Your Routine Where You Can

  • One of the easiest ways to do this is to opt for products that contain two (or more!) products in one.
  • 7 skins toners are great for this, eliminating the need for multiple products. Try Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

4. What Skincare To Splurge On

5 Grab A Beauty Bargain

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