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Kbeauty for Psoriasis

March 08, 2023

Kbeauty for Psoriasis

Kbeauty for Psoriasis


On this episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast, Lauren answers a listener's question about the best Korean Beauty products for psoriasis. There's drama in K-Beauty land with LG Household & Healthcare losing their latest lawsuit against Tony Moly. Sulwhasoo & Innisfree are undergoing a rebrand. Plus, some new K-Beauty products you'll love if you like done-for-you solutions! 



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LG vs Tony Moly 

LG Household and Healthcare has lost a claim against Tony Moly in the Supreme Corut. They accused the brand of stealing a bar graph design that they use on their Belif products for Tony Moly’s Dr OhKim’s Sucrathanol Recover Cream

The product, which was launched in 2019, marked its ingredients in a bar graph. LG argued that because the bar graph design was representative of their Belif products Tony Moly shouldn't be able to use that design combination. 

The first court originally agreed with LG and ruled that Tony Moly should compensate them for 30 million won. 

However, the second court overturned the results of the original trial. This has now been upheld by the Supreme Court. 

The judge didn’t think the design was copyright of LG and the defendant's lawyers successfully proved that it was difficult to say that the bar graph was recognised as a sign of Belif's products. 

Tony Moly's lawyers asked consumers what cosmeticscame to mind when they saw the bar graph ingredient display, and the answer, "Belif," tied in fifth place with 18%.

LG sues Tony Moly over Dr Oh Kims


K-Beauty Brands Getting An Update


Question of the Week: Psoriasis and Kbeauty 

This week's question of the week comes from Hannah from Sweden who said:

"A question! I suffer from psoriasis, mainly on my scalp but recently it started appearing on my back. I already made a list of ingredients based on your rosacea episode but since I can’t find a k beauty product specifically for psoriasis I was wondering if I can use a serum/ essence/ toner or any of the other categories to treats these spots? Maybe an eye cream?"


Because psoriasis is a medical condition, much the same as eczema and rosacea, the only products that will actually treat it are medical products, which is why it’s hard to find general Kbeauty skincare especially for them. 

Those kinds of products would only be available with a prescription in Korea. In general, doctors tend to prescribe things like antibacterial cream, anti-itch cream, and medical grade Centella creams. 

However in terms of Kbeauty offering deep hydration that can help with dry or cracked skin there are many great products on the market - I would recommend focusing on things with ceramides, hyaluronic acid and oatmeal and avoiding anything with fragrances or essential oils. 


New Releases on STYLE STORY 

This week we have a range of new releases that are perfect if you're looking for a done for you solution or to sample a range of products for less! 


Laneige Lip Mask Trio

  • Contains three of the brand's best-selling lip mask flavors - Berry, Grapefruit and Apple Lime

  • Firstly, you'll notice it has a gentle formula with a waxy texture. It warms up and spreads easily. Secondly, it actively hdyrates from the second you apply it. It also nourishes the lips as well. Finally, it is perfect to use on cracked and blistered lips. 


5 Step K-Beauty Set

  • STYLE STORY's 5 Step K-Beauty Set contains everything you need for a complete Korean Beauty skincare routine. If you're looking to seewhat sets K-Beauty apart from everything else, check out this collection of some of our favourite tried and tested products
  • This complete K-Beauty Skincare Set includes:
  1. A sorbet textured, antioxidant rich cleansing balm to easily remove sunscreen, makeup and excess sebum
  2. A brightening and gently exfoliating powder cleanser
  3. A detoxifying, brightening and pore minimising face mask
  4. A 2-in-1 toner that does the job of a toner and essence
  5. A soothing moisturiser for plumper, softer skin
  • By buying the set, you save 30% off the retail price of buying each product separately.
  • Furthermore, you'll automatically qualify for free shipping with this set! 


New Korean Beauty Product Reviews on STYLE STORY 

Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream Review

"It really is deliciously moisturising

Hands down one of the best creams i have used. It glides over the skin so smoothly, absorbing quite easily and doesn't leave a shiny cast. The texture of this cream is what I love about it, its soft and lightweight enough for the summer but thick enough for winter. I expected it to smell like bubble tea instead it was more of a subtle coconut scent which I do not mind. Definitely repurchasing this!!!


Subi Bare Skin Balm Review

"One of the best I’ve tried!

I’ve tried a lot of cleansing balms and this is the best! I love it’s thick balmy texture that breaks down my makeup and sunscreen so well without stinging my sensitive eyes. Love it!"


Subi Powder Cleanser Review 

"Soooo good!

This powder cleanser is great, you only need a small amount to get a beautiful soft foam. It’s not drying on my skin. It lasts a really long time."


Recommendation of the Week - 결혼말고 동거 (Not Marriage, Living Together) 

  • 결혼말거 동거 (Not Marriage, Living Together) is a Korean reality TV show about couples choosing to live together but not get married. 
  • This has traditionally been very frowned upon 


STYLE STORY - Your Go To For Kbeauty 

Why Are Korean Beauty Products Packaged in English?
Why Are Korean Beauty Products Packaged in English?
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Cutting Down on Single Use Sheet Masks? Use These Instead!
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"Because psoriasis is a medical condition, much the same as eczema and rosacea, the only products that will actually treat it are medical products, which is why it’s hard to find general Kbeauty skincare especially for them."

- Lauren Lee, K-Beauty Expert

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