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Cosmetic Claims On the Rise in Korea

July 04, 2022 1 Comment

Cosmetic Claims On the Rise in Korea

Episode Title: Cosmetic Claims On the Rise in Korea


Episode Description:

On today's episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast, Lauren discusses the rise in cosmetic claims in Korea and how to prevent something similar happening to you due to them. Furthermore, a reminder that the new TGA advertising guidelines for influencers are now in place and what that means for people receiving free products from Korean brands. Plus, Lauren shares the latest Kbeauty product reviews and new releases that have just landed at STYLE STORY. 


Episode Summary:



  • Firstly, I have 5 sets of Jelly Ko products to give away (Bubble Tea, Face Mask and Face Mask brush)
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Kbeauty News Headlines


Cosmetic Claims on the Rise in Korea

  • As more consumers use medical services such as beauty treatments and plastic surgery, disputes over contract termination have increased. Furthermore, the number of cases is also on the rise every year. 
  • The Korea Consumer Agency analysed 570 applications for beauty and plastic surgery-related damage relief received from 2019 to March 2022 and therefore concluded that consumer damage is on the rise every year. 
  • Significantly, 58.1% of disputes related to cancellation or termination of contracts. 
  • Additionally, the majority were caused by a change of mind, and those in their 20s and 30s were most likely to be affected. 
  • The Korea Consumer Agency explained that overall consumers will be responsible for a penalty or fee if they signed a beauty or plastic surgery contract and cancelled it due a change of mind. 
  • Consumers should carefully check the T&Cs at the time of signing. 
  • In Korea, no more than 10% of the total surgery cost should be paid in advance. 

Cosmetic Claims are on the rise in Korea



  • As of 1 July, Australian influencers receiving free products from brands need to make sure their posts comply with the TGA advertising regulations. 
  • This is particularly relevant for people receiving products from brands like sunscreens, or skincare products claiming to treat recognised medical conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc). 
  • If the product is listed on the ARTG (or SHOULD BE in order to legally be sold in Australia (ie Asian sunscreens) then influencers are no longer able to provide testimonials for the products if they received the for free from the brand. 
  • Many Asian beauty bloggers in Australia are confused about whether the regulations apply to Korean and Japanese sunscreens. They do because these products are primary sunscreens. Those product need to be listed on the ARTG in order to lawfully be sold in Australia. If you are marketing a product that's not lawfully able to be sold in Australia, this would be a clear breach of the law. 
  • For more information, check the Therapeutic v Cosmetic Claims Guide

Therapeutic v Cosmetic Claims Guid



  • The Bank of Korea conducted a study of 570 companies nationwide to examine the impact of inflation. ALL companies responded that the price of raw materials has risen year on year
  • The Ukraine crisis and the blockade of some cities in China have had a significant impact
  • This is forcing companies to raise their own prices, which are passed onto consumers. 
  • Logistic disruptions and geopolitical risks have a significant impact on raw material prices
  • Many beauty companies are currently raising prices, including luxury brands like Christian Dior, which has confirmed it will raise prices by about 6% as of 1 July. 


New Kbeauty Reviews

  • 5 Star - Subi Pimple Patches
  • "Return for more
  • I sent my nephew quite a few patches when he was in high school, they work wonders. Now he is going to fulfil his national service, more patches please!!!"

Cosmetic Claims On the Rise in Korea


  • 5 Star Review - Charmzone Retinol DeAge Emulsion
  • Can't Live Without This
  • "I have just turned 30 and was wanting to add a retinol into my routine but was a bit scared. I tried this product as a starting point and I cannot say enough good things. I am so happy I finally tried retinol. This one is really gentle and also leaves my skin feeling moisturised. The texture is so lovely on my skin. I use it once a day and it is the perfect amount of retinol for me. I am so happy with the results."


New Kbeauty Products

  • APLB AHA BHA PHA Glutathione Cica Toner (200ml)
    • A gentle exfoliating toner containing a combination of acids, famed brightening ingredient Glutathione and Centella asiatica leaf extract. 
    • Helps manage excess oil and mattify skin 
    • Ideal for combination, acne prone and oily skin 
  • APLB EGF Collagen Moisture Cream (70ml)
    • This is the ideal moisturiser for restoring radiance to tired looking skin. 
    • Star ingredient EGF delivers essentials nutrients for glossy, nourished skin. Collagen assist to keep the skin firmer and more supple.
    • Perfect for mature skin, tired, dull and lacklustre skin 

Cosmetic Claims On the Rise in Korea


Recommendation of the Week 

  • Viral Shampoo & Conditioners are amazing if you are looking to do a fashion hair colour (pink hair, purple hair etc)
  • They help keep your colour vibrant in between trips to the salon. 
  • They're not a Korean brand but I'm yet to find something similar on the Korean market. 

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Korea's Untact Skincare Trend
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5 Ways To Use Up Old Cleansing Balms & Oils
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"Applications for beauty and plastic surgery-related damage are on the rise every year in Korea"

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show podcast

1 Response


July 07, 2022

Thank you as always for an informative show- it’s so interesting hearing the behind the scenes in the Korean beauty industry.

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