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Korea's Untact Skincare Trend

June 30, 2022

Korea's Untact Skincare Trend

Episode Title:  Korea's Untact Skincare Trend 


Episode Description:

On today's episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast, Lauren discusses Korea's untact skincare trend. Thanks to the pandemic, people have turned to a variety of contactless services and even skincare products.

"Untact" skincare and makeup products are those that can quickly, easily and hygienically be applied without touching your face with your hands. But what products are "untact", who are they for and what do they actually do? Lauren explains. 



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Episode Summary: 


What Is Untact Skincare?

  • As a result of COVID, people have turned to many contactless services - home delivery, shopping, even attending schools and companies via computer. 
  • The beauty industry has not been immune to this trend. In this case, the trend has been for contactless skincare or “untact” as it is known in Korean 
  • The “untact skincare” trend makes sense because you can easily use the products product anywhere, anytime without putting your hands to your face. This also minimises the risk of skin irritation and allows you to quickly care for your skin in a safe and hygienic manner. 
  • As a result of the pandemic, consumers have also been looking for new categories of skincare, including ones that don’t stain masks, and products that help with things like ‘maskne’. 


Korea's Untact Skincare Trend

What are the Main “Untact” Beauty Products?

  • Sun Sticks 
  • Stick Foundations 
  • Balm Sticks 
  • Mists 


How Do Stick Balms and Mists Work?  

  • Korean face mists and stick balms have revolutionised the category and are perfect for achieving a perfectly plump, juicy complexion.

  • If you've ever watched a Kdrama or Korean TV show you'll notice that the actors are constantly spritzing themselves with facial mists or re-applying balms. Sure, some of it is PPL but it’s also undeniable that your skin needs more moisture than just in the morning and night.

  •  If you work in a dry office with artificial heating or cooling then misting or using a stick balm is ideal to keep your skin in tip-top shape. 

  • Depending on the formula and ingredients in the product you're using, you can expect the following results from your stick balm or misting spray:

  1. Nourished, hydrated skin

  2. Skin that is perfectly prepared to receive makeup

  3. A dewy glow to your complexion

  4. Properly balanced moisture and oil levels

  5. Skin soothing

  6. Skin brightening benefits

  7. Less dull, dry and flaky skin

  8. Your other skincare products sink into your skin more effortlessly

In the case of balms, they actually use your body’s temperature to spread more smoothly and give better adhesion. 


Korea's Untact Skincare Trend


Who Should Use Mists & Balms?

  • Everyone can get benefits from them and the fact that they are convenient to use makes them even more useful. 

  • That’s because they are lightweight products that are able to be absorbed by the skin to deliver instant results.

  • If you find your makeup drying, caking or flaking on your face throughout the day or your skin feeling tight and dry, then spritzing with a face mist is perfect. Not only will it relieve skin discomfort, it will also leave you with a hydrated look. 

How Do I Use Face Mists & Stick Balms in My Routine?

  • Face mists and stick balms can be applied on their own, as a toner, serum or even over the top of makeup. 

  • Mists are better for makeup users because won't disturb your makeup but simply re-energize your skin. 

  • Face mists are extremely versatile and can be applied in many ways:

  1. After cleansing
  2. As a toner or serum
  3. Before you moisturise
  4. After applying makeup
  5. Throughout the day as a ‘pick me up’
  • These days, misting sprays are more frequently used in between seasons. That's because it's a time when people need to pay more attention to their skin care. 
  • Balm sticks are also versatile and can be used:
  1. Firstly, on dry patches
  2. Secondly, as a lip balm 
  3. Thirdly, as an eye cream 
  4. Finally, on facial and neck lines 

K-Beauty Mists & Balms to Try 


Dr Jart Ceramidin Mist

  • It is a cream-based face mist that nourishes and moisturises dry skin. This face mist is not only rich in moisture, but also replenishing and humectant ingredients.
  • It is almost like a soothing moisturiser that is made in a mist form.
  • It is a great option for people with dry and sensitive skin because it isnt irritating. 

Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist (75ml)

  • Perfect for keeping skin hydrated on the go
  • Lightweight spray moisturiser enriched with amino acids.
  • White Leaf Tea water helps to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.
  • The super-fine mist delivers an even, natural-looking glow to makeup wearers & non-makeup wearers alike.
  •  This mist offers 24-hour moisture retention that gives skin a long-lasting dewiness, just like using a cream. The unique misting valve releases the mist in an ideal circular shape without clumping.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum (55ml)

  • A fine spray serum that boosts hydration and elasticity.
  • It can be used anytime during the day to give your skin extra moisture and a healthy glow. There's no need for highlighter when you're glowing from within!
  • It has a floral smell to it 
  • The key ingredient is Rose water from Bulgaria 


d’Alba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Serum(100ml)

  • Strong enough to combat dry cabin air, this cult favourite mist is beloved by Korean air hostesses.
  • d’Alba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Serum is made on a base of white truffles and lotus with avocado oil. It helps to reduce fine lines, brighten skin and supply moisture. This spray serum is the winner of STYLE STORY's Best of K-Beauty Awards.  

APLB Centella Complex Mist Toner(150ml) 

  • A perfect option for friends with oily, acne and combination skin 
  • Made on a base of Centella Asiatica, APLB Centella Complex Mist Toner supplies nutrition and hydration while also supporting the skin's barrier.
  • Unlike other toners, this mist toner can be used on both face and body, to help calm redness, irritation and sensitivity wherever it appears.
  • The giant 150ml formula contains a veritable feast of ingredients for sensitive skin, starting with 92% of the key ingredient centella asiatica, including other key components of the precious herb as well.


Kahi Multi Balm

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"Korea's “untact skincare” trend makes sense because you can easily use the products product anywhere, anytime without putting your hands to your face. This also minimises the risk of skin irritation and allows you to quickly care for your skin in a safe and hygienic manner."

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show podcast

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