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K-Beauty and STYLE STORY

October 23, 2021

K-Beauty and STYLE STORY

K-Beauty and STYLE STORY

K-Beauty entered the American market in around 2012 with an offering from a single brand, Dr Jart.

Since then, its rapid rise in global popularity has had everybody talking. In the last five years, the global demand for all things K-Beauty has exploded, permanently solidifying Korea's place among the global skincare elite.



Why Korean Beauty?

Why are people turning away from their beloved French and European skincare brands towards K-Beauty? 

Korean cosmetics speak for themselves when it comes to their efficacy and value. The advanced formulations, use of natural ingredients, innovative design, and price are all factors that have given the Korean skincare market the upper edge. Perhaps the most important point of difference however is the approach that K-Beauty takes towards skincare.

In Korea, there is a huge focus on establishing skincare routines to return the skin to a healthy state. Korean skin care products target problem areas gently and prevent skincare damage, as opposed to the more Western approach of trying to ‘reverse the signs of ageing’.

Rather than starting a skincare routine in your mid 30’s, incorporating harsh chemicals to fix damage, Koreans focus on a thorough and consistent routine that begins as a teenager. The aim is to protect and nourish the skin as you age, 

But it’s never too late to start!

Koreans' care for the skin is also reflected in their makeup, which focuses on bouncy, soft and dewy skin with minimal makeup. Rather than layering on endless layers of foundations and powders to hide your complexion, Koreans let good skin speak for itself.


K-Beauty and STYLE STORY


So, what role does STYLE STORY play in all this?

Founded by Australian Lauren Lee, STYLE STORY showcases the best and most innovative K-Beauty products in one simple location.

After living in Seoul in 2011 and discovering the world of K-Beauty, Lee began introducing the Korean products that she loved to her family and friends.

The result?

Everyone wanted more.

STYLE STORY brings you all the latest Korean beauty trends and offers free skincare consultations to set you up with your perfect routine.

SS is a one-stop platform for the latest products, reviews, and trends, as well as home to the renowned ‘Korean Beauty Show’ podcast.

The site offers suggestions for all skin types including;

If you have a skincare or K-Beauty question our team will be able to answer it.


K-Beauty and STYLE STORY


Explore the World of K-Beauty With Us 

Our team is also here to hold your hand as you enter the world of K-Beauty. As K-Beauty was entering the Australian market a few years ago it was often criticised for being ‘too demanding’.

Zoe Foster Blake commented that no one would have the time for a skincare routine with ‘that many steps’. Shortly after, she launched her own skin care brand Go-To Skincare, which very closely mirrors the steps of Korean Beauty.

Ultimately, the times have changed and people are willing to invest more time and energy into their daily skincare.

The famed 12 Step Korean skincare is merely a guide and at the end of the day it’s all about what works for you and your skin. At STYLE STORY, we have created a community where you can discover new products, learn new trends, read real reviews and dive deep into an exciting and innovative global craze.


K-Beauty and STYLE STORY


A Pioneer in K-Beauty in Australia 

As Australia’s first online Korean Beauty store, SS has been a pioneer of spreading the K-Beauty love globally. Now shipping worldwide, founder Lauren Lee even created her own K-Beauty brand, Jelly Ko, which works with some of the best cosmetic formulators and manufacturers in South Korea.

So a big welcome to STYLE STORY.

We are so excited to have you here on the site. If you find anything you love please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and if you’re keen to learn more about K-Beauty jump onto the podcast!


STYLE STORY - Your Go-To for K-Beauty Since 2014 

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"STYLE STORY brings you all the latest Korean beauty trends and offers free skincare consultations to set you up with your perfect routine."

- Your Go-To for KBeauty

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