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Top 5 Selling Snail Products

October 20, 2021

Top 5 Selling Snail Products - STYLE STORY

Top 5 Selling Snail Products

If you’re a K-Beauty lover you’ll know the obsession with Snail Mucin.


Although it might sound gross to the uninitiated, this ingredient has numerous benefits for skin. With its ability to repair damage, actively hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help acne scarring, it’s little wonder snail mucin finds itself in some of the hottest K-Beauty products on the market.


Why snails?

The healing properties of snails have been known to humans for millennia. The Ancient Greeks knew of snail mucin’s potential to heal the skin. They used it to repair the skin's barrier, while also locking out irritants from the environment with its antimicrobial properties.

Snail mucin naturally contains proteins, elastin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and copper peptides, which work together to moisturise skin and support collagen. The allantoin found in snail secretion works to calm irritated skin.

Still not convinced? 

Read on.


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How Snail Mucin Is Harvested?

This is a common question, particularly from those concerned about animal testing of cosmetics.

Traditional methods of harvesting snail mucin were cruel – the snails were essentially dunked in pots of water with salt, vinegar or other chemicals to force them to excrete mucin. Thankfully, the methods for harvesting snail mucin have changed considerably.

These days, there are a variety of “cruelty-free” methods of snail production and slime extraction.

In fact, research shows that the quality of the mucin itself depends on breeders keeping good environmental conditions for their snails. As a result, breeders themselves regulate what the snails eat, how they are kept and how the slime is extracted.

This also helps in certifying snail mucin products as cruelty-free.

In Italy, for example, snail mucin is extracted by immersing the snails in a special steam bath that acts like a spa for snails. The snails are not harmed in this process. In other farms, the snails are simply placed in an environment where they can move over a bumpy surface, because this causes them to make slime like they do naturally. The mucin is then harvested this way.


The Top 5 K-Beauty Snail Products - THE STYLE STORY Blog 


Top 5 Selling Snail Products

With all that in mind, here are our Top 5 Best-Selling Snail Products (containing Snail Secretion Filtrate)


COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

This little baby is one of K-Beauty’s all-time best-selling products.

Loaded with replenishing and revitalising nutrients, it gives you the ultimate elasticity and hydration.

Think of this as a vitamin boost for your face! It’s designed to be used after your toner and before your serum.

The best part? No sticky, greasy or heavy residue. Just a beautiful light essence that will lock in moisture and promote skin renewal as the day (or night) wears on.

If you’re really wanting to get your hands snaily – try our COSRX Snail Set


APLB Healing Moisture Snail Cream

One of STYLE STORY's best-selling snail creams, this has a perfectly balanced PH level of 5.5 making it ideal for all skin types. It provides long-lasting hydration, controls the appearance of large pores, and improves skin texture.

This cream is perfect for skin that has been damaged by the external elements, including pollution, sun, and wind. Other star ingredients include Centella asiatica and Macadamia Seed Oil, making this cream a must try.



Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence 

Packed with a potent combo of snail mucin and bee venom, this essence your skin with intense hydration, repair, and anti-ageing benefits. Bee venom contains a peptide that is beneficial for collagen and don’t worry – no bees were harmed or killed in the making of Benton Snail High Content Cream Essence. 


Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Serum 

Like Benton's Essence, this serum is also packed with both snail secretion filtrate and bee venom.

With a base of snail mucin fermented by yeast, it is then filtered.

It works to repair skin, clear blemishes and the marks they leaves behind. It also works well for skin with hyper pigmentation, while calming and targeting new breakouts.

We love this formula because its free of fragrance, volatile alcohols and, most importantly, cruelty free!

If you want to try more of the Benton Snail Bee Range grab the set here: Benton Snail Bee Set.


Skin79 Golden Snail Intensive BB Cream

This beautiful BB cream is a cult favourite among K-Beauty lovers. It comes in a natural beige Shade 23 that’s perfect for those with pink undertones. Ideal for those with uneven skin, it provides fresh makeup coverage with a natural looking finish.

As a bonus? You can enjoy your day knowing that your makeup is also restoring, repairing and brightening your skin.


Top 5 Selling Snail Products

Still Curious about Snail Products? 

For an in depth chat about all things Snail in K-Beauty – jump onto the podcast and have a listen:





If you have any questions on snail mucin or are thinking of adding it to your routine and aren’t sure where to start - simply reach out to us! We love chatting with you and answering all your questions. Our staff are on hand 24/7 to help you personalise your skin story.



Where can I buy Korean Beauty products online?
Where can I buy Korean Beauty products online?
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K-Beauty and STYLE STORY
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"Snail mucin naturally contains proteins, elastin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and copper peptides, which work together to moisturise your skin and support collagen."

- STYLE STORY, Your Go-To for K-Beauty

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