Clean Korean Beauty

January 04, 2021

Clean Korean Beauty

Clean Korean Beauty

If clean, natural beauty is your jam then you’re bound to love Yads Cauchi and her philosophy at Clean Beauty Talk – a website dedicated to real and honest beauty from the inside out for those who also maintain a busy, balanced lifestyle.

As a Mama, Journalist, Health Coach and Dermal Therapist in the making, Yads is all about natural beauty. She recently tried out some new additions to the STYLE STORY family from label Soroci. Having trialled the products for several months she shared her thoughts about them, and K-Beauty generally, on her blog.

On Korean Beauty:

“…(K-Beauty) tends to have a lot of science to back it up. Which is my jam. And while it might take a little getting used to understanding what products you need to use when and where…I promise it’s not as hard as it seems.”

…Korean beauty/skincare is all about attaining a natural dewy looking glow too, so if that’s what you’d like to achieve in life (along with other adult things of course) then we need to chat about this further. You see, while Korean beauty might seem like a lot of work – it isn’t. Plus your skin will reap the rewards.

On Soroci:

“It’s a natural K beauty brand that focuses on blending plant and herbal extracts into products for sensitive skin – so everyone can have a play.”

On Soroci’s New Collection

“Soroci Morning Drizzle Bucket Mist – $25.95

I’ve been loving this toner as it can be used as both a hydrating toner and face mist throughout the day. It also won’t mess with your PH level as it’s formulated to sit at 5.5 making it pretty good for all skin types – although if you’re a little dehydrated, misting this product on your skin will feel so good!”

Soroci Calming Essence – $34.95

“I’ve loved to use this essence following my glycolic serum at night because it instantly calms my skin and stops it from flushing. It also feels hydrating, cool and preps my skin to better let any serums I follow with work. I totally think it makes you look all glowy and dewy too!”

Soroci Morning Drizzle Water Drop Cream – $32.95

“This is a moisturiser that is a super soft gel like substance (that kind of feels like you’re applying water to your face). Perfect, if you’re having an oily face day and want something lightweight, fresh and that quickly seeps into your skin, but also works well to keep you hydrated under your makeup.”



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A Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine: Phuong
A Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine
A Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine

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