A Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine: Phuong

January 04, 2021

A Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine: Phuong

A Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine: Phuong

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and to celebrate we’re taking a look into the Korean Beauty Routines of Mothers around Australia.

Phuong, a mother of 1, shares her Korean Beauty Routine and some of her favourite K-Beauty products with us.

My Key Skin Concerns

I’m turning 40 in the next few years, which I’m panicking a bit about! Coming from a tropical country, my skin suffers from typical hot-weather problems like dryness, dullness and big pores. My skin is combination but luckily is not sensitive.

I follow the Korean Skincare Routine by layering different products for my morning and nightly skincare routines.

My Morning Skincare Routine

My busy mornings will start with:

Cleansing: I start my routine off using Banila Clean It Zero. This cleanser is very gentle and comes in a silky oil balm form, so it allows my skin to glow as much as possible when I apply my morning make up. It’s fantastic to wear make up after cleansing with it!

Essence: I’ve been using COSRX products for around 3 years now and I love COSRX Galactomyces Whitening Essence.Since I started using it, I really have noticed an improvement in my skin tone.

Cream: It depends on the weather as to exactly which moisturising cream I use, but at this time of the year when the seasons are changing from summer to autumn, my skin reacts by becoming drier in the T zone and around the mouth. To counter this, I use COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream to keep a silky base before applying sunscreen and foundation.

Sunscreen: I wait 10-15 minutes and then apply SPF 50+ sunscreen.

I follow up with my foundation and April Skin’s Snow Cushion in the lightest shade, which is 21.

My Night Skincare Routine

At night, I take the time to do a full skincare routine with a little massage focusing on the eye area.

Cleanse: I remove make-up with oil and micellar water, following up with an exfoliating face cleanser.

Mask: I use Elizavecca Bubble Clay Mask, which I keep on for about 10-15 minutes. I rinse it off with warm water and start the following steps. My skin is so soft and clean after this! It makes sure my skin will absorb as much as possible of all of the following products

Vitamin C Serum: VLANCVERE Power VC15 Ample – this is as powerful as SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serum.

Serum: Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum – this is great to make sure all the dead cells are washed away at night. It works very well in the acid environment with Vlancvere’s Vitamin C ampoule. AHA is a useful tool to remove naughty whiteheads as well!

Treatment: Every 2 days I apply COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid after cleansing to help to reduce blackheads on the nose.

Night Cream: My mature skin is married with retinol cream. I sometimes also use COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream (depending on the day and weather) to improve the dryness in my skin in the morning when I wake up.

While I’m applying my routine, I make sure I wait for 15 – 20 minutes between applying each layer, to make sure the elements of each product work as effectively as possible.

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Want to share a Mother’s Korean Beauty Routine with us?

Get in touch at admin@stylestory.com.au and share your routine with us!


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