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Mists & Sticks

Searching for the hottest mists & balm sticks to carry with you throughout the day?

Look no further. 

We've got hydrated, glossy and glowing skin on lock! 

Mists & sticks are perfect to carry with you in your pocket for touch-ups on the go. A spritz or two of a hydrating mist or the quick swipe of a multi stick is all you need.

Not only are they super handy, they offer instant results. 

From mists to keep oil at bay, to misting serums that are perfect for dull, dry winter skin, we've got a mist for every skin concern. 

You'll also love our collection of trending Korean beauty multi-balms, seen on the likes of Korea's top celebs and featured in the top Kdramas. 

Try our selection of Korean face mists to set makeup, refresh skin & maintain elasticity. 

Why mists are more popular than ever in Korea


Mists are convenient to hydrate the skin and can also be used as a toner substitute. These days, misting sprays are more frequently used in between seasons, particularly when people feel they need to pay more attention to their skin care. 


As a result of COVID, misting with a face mist makes sense because you can easily use a mist product anytime without putting your hands to your face. This also minimises the risk of skin irritation and allows you to quickly care for your skin in a safe and hygienic manner. 

Do Mists Actually Do Anything?


Not all mists are made equal. Which is why we've curated only the best, most effective Kbeauty face mists from Korea. 


If you've been using misting products that left you thinking that face mists are basically thermal water or mineral water in a fancy bottle then you're not using the right kinds of products. 


Korean face mists have revolutionised the category and are perfect for achieving a perfectly plump, juicy complexion. If you've ever watched a Kdrama or Korean TV show you'll notice that Koreans are constantly spritzing themselves with facial mists. That's because your skin needs more moisture than just in the morning and night. If you work in a dry office with artificial heating or cooling then misting is ideal to keep your skin in tip-top shape. 


What is a Korean face mist?

Kbeauty face mists are enriched with the essential ingredients, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to restore your skin's natural moisture and glow. Facial misting sprays are lightweight products that are able to be absorbed by the skin to deliver instant results. If you find your makeup drying, caking or flaking on your face throughout the day or your skin feeling tight and dry, then spritzing with a face mist is perfect. Not only will it relieve skin discomfort, it will also leave you with a hydrated look. 


Simply pop one in your bag for quick and easy touch-ups on the go! 


What do mists actually do?


Depending on the formula and ingredients in the product you're using, you can expect the following results from your Korean facial misting spray:


  1. Nourished, hydrated skin
  2. Skin that is perfectly prepared to receive makeup
  3. A dewy glow to your complexion
  4. Properly balanced moisture and oil levels
  5. Skin soothing
  6. Skin brightening benefits
  7. Less dull, dry and flaky skin
  8. Your other skincare products sink into your skin more effortlessly 

How Do I Use a Kbeauty Face Mist?


Face mists can be applied on their own, as a toner, serum or even over the top of makeup. Korean facial mists won't disturb your makeup but simply re-energize your skin. 


Face mists are extremely versatile and can be applied in many ways:

  1. After cleansing
  2. As a toner or serum
  3. Before you moisturise
  4. After applying makeup
  5. Throughout the day as a ‘pick me up’

You can get the benefits of a Korean face mist in a matter of seconds with no complicated routine. Korean face mists hydrate your skin while delivering rich nutrients. 


Need help picking the perfect Kbeauty mist for your skin type?


Get in touch with our team of Korean beauty experts. STYLE STORY would be happy to help match you with your perfect Kbeauty product to achieve your skin goals. 

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