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Summer Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

December 31, 2020

Summer Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

Summer Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

Summer’s in full swing and that means barbies with friends and family, days spent by the beach, hiking, hanging out and plenty of picnics.

From pore problems to thick makeup and sunburn, get our list of top summer skincare mistakes to avoid so that your skin stays glowing all summer (in all the right ways):

Mistake: Ditching Your Moisturiser

Skin often feels oilier in summer, and if you’re oily already, no doubt your skin is going into overdrive right now. Time to cut the moisturiser so you don’t overdose on oil, right?


What to do: Summer is the not the time to skip your moisturiser, as moisturiser actually helps balance your skin’s oil and moisture levels to regulate sebum production. Instead, look for a lightweight moisturiser that’s non-greasy with a matte finish to help balance everything out.

We love: Beauty of Joseon Red Bean Water Gel and Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Maskas a light overnight treatment. 


Mistake: Not Re-applying Sunscreen

We all know about the need to wear a proper sunscreen that blocks both the sun’s UVB and UVA rays, but often, we’re one and done as soon as we’re out the door in the morning.

In summer, applying sunscreen once a day simply won’t cut out.

What to do: As a general rule, we should be reapplying after every 2 hours of sun exposure, after towelling off, sweating vigorously or doing exercise.

Get our tips for how to reapply sunscreen while wearing makeup here.


Mistake: Getting Sunburnt

Sun exposure is one of the key causes of aging and results in everything from blotchy, red skin to pigmentation and wrinkles. Getting sunburnt is a good way of going about everything from premature wrinkles, sun spots and even skin cancer.

What to do: If you’ve cooked it (literally), then opt for skin soothing products containing Aloe Vera.

We love Benton’s Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel for after-sun care.

Mistake: Lathering On Makeup

Summer is not the time to be layering on thick makeup, especially if you’re going to be sweating in the sun. Pores open up when you sweat, opening them up to dirt, oil and makeup. Particularly for those of us who are acne prone, wearing makeup while sweating can aggravate it.

What to do: Instead, opt for light textured BB Creams like Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream, which tackles all the primary skin concerns like uneven texture and redness but without blocking your pores. If you find yourself getting oily throughout the day, products like Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder work wonders as a substitute to blotting paper.

Mistake: Ignoring Your Pores

Summer can be harsh on pores, as they open up when you sweat, making them much more susceptible to congestion. Pore problems are the root of skin problems and can contribute to acne.

What to do: Treat the root of problem pores with cleansing ingredients like charcoal and clay, to vacuum up any impurities and keep pores minimised, matte and smooth. Oily skin can also make pores appear bigger than they are, which is why it’s important to balance your oil levels.

We love Subi Holo Dream Mask Set for a mattifying clay mask treatments 

Mistake: Forgetting Your Feet

Chances are that if the sun’s out, your feet will be too. Cracked, callused heels and dead, rough skin are a sight for sore eyes, especially in sandals.

What to do: Make sure your tootsies are in tip-top shape with a peeling foot mask to remove any dead, rough, cracked or callused skin.

We love APLB Foot Repair Cream to take care of the old skin to reveal the baby-fresh stuff hiding behind it!


Know of any other skincare mistakes to avoid this summer? Drop them in the comments!

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"Summer is the not the time to skip your moisturiser, as moisturiser actually helps balance your skin’s oil and moisture levels to regulate sebum production."


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