Back To School Skincare Guide

December 30, 2020

Back To School Skincare Guide

Back To School Skincare Guide

Whether you’re about to start school or returning for another semester, it’s never too early to get your skincare on point.

From quick-fix breakout solutions to hydrating moisturisers, this is a back to school skincare guide that will have you ready to put your best skin forward from Day 1!


For whiteheads that appear out of nowhere, hydrocolloid patches are a great way to both conceal them and speed up the healing process.

SUBI Perfect Pimple Patch is ideal for daytime use, thin enough to be worn 24/7 and blends seamlessly into the skin with or without makeup. Clearing up your acne without anybody even noticing? A back to school no-brainer!

Pore Reduction

Big pores can strike at any age, but particularly when your skin is prone to oil and in hot, humid weather. Ingredients like eucalyptus, tea tree and charcoal are perfect for tightening and reducing the appearance of pores.

STYLE STORY favourite JJ Young by Caolion Lab Pore Erasing Stick has these ingredients and more, perfect for clearing up skin congestion.


What if your toner went beyond being prepping your skin to receive the rest of your skincare routine? Multipurpose toners can help to prevent breakouts, soothe and hydrate skin.

COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol is a lightweight toner that’s great for treating a range of concerns, including dead skin, dullness, dry patches and congestion. It combines skincare favourites AHAs, BHAs and propolis with a host of other nourishing ingredients.

Spot Treatment

It’s important to remember that just as pimples, spots and blemishes are all different – there’s no single treatment that can fix all of them. For red spots and blemishes, medicated spot treatments are the way to go.

Mizon Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot both exfoliates and calms inflammation, shrinking blemishes in just a few nights.

On-the-go Coverage

You might prefer to go makeup-free for lectures, but what if you’re heading out for a few drinks or a catch up after class?

Pop a BB Cushion compact in your bag to take you easily from day-to-night with a few quick puffs of the cushion. Our top pick is Heimish Artless Perfect BB Cushion, which provides a gentle, natural looking coverage for flawless skin that doesn’t look like you’re even wearing makeup.

Face Mist

You’ve probably got your morning/night skincare routine locked down.

But what if you need a little TLC while you’re out and about (or a wake-up during lectures!) Keep your skin hydrated 24/7 by always having a face mist on the go.

COSRX Low pH Barrier Mist is our pick for summer – refreshing to the touch and super hydrating to keep your skin soft, smooth and balanced.


Do you have a back to school skincare essential? Let us know in the comments!

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