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Our Top 5 Oil Cleanses and Cleansing Balms

October 13, 2021

Our Top 5 Oil Cleanses and Cleansing Balms - STYLE STORY Blog

Our Top 5 Oil Cleanses and Cleansing Balms


Oil and cleansing balms are the first step in theKorean Double Cleanse Method. They are an integral part of the nightly skincare routine and have recently exploded in popularity - for very good reason!

Today we’ll recap why we (and everyone else) loves oil and cleansing balms, and which ones make our top 5 List for summer.


What is a cleansing balm and how do you use it?

Cleansing balms are made up of oil and emollients and work to melt away and gently remove the excess oil and sebum which has built up throughout the day.

They are perfect for your nightly routine as they remove all makeup without stripping the skin or disrupting the skin's barrier. They are also a must-have in summer as they work to remove all SPF from your face and prepare your skin for the next steps in your routine.


Why do we love cleansing balms?

Apart from the fact that they feel amazing and don’t tug the skin as they clean, they are also perfect for those with sensitive, dry, or damaged skin. Rather than harsh, drying makeup wipes that can be quite abrasive on the skin, balm cleansers feel more like a butter.

A simple google search will show you that water and oils don’t mix. So, if you are only using a water-based soluble in your nightly routine you won’t actually be lifting up all of the makeup, SPF or excess oil that your skin has produced throughout the day. That also doesn’t include lifting pollutants from the air! That's why a great cleansing routine is a vital step for anti-ageing.

Korean cleansing balms are also the perfect step of your routine to introduce a facial massage. Koreans use their hands for facial massage, and many use their cleansing balm to gently massage their face, which improves circulation and de-puffs the face.

For more on Korean facial massages, take a listen to this episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast:



Another bonus?

Like all K-Beauty products, STYLE STORY's cleansing balms are made up of beautiful and natural ingredients that nourish the skin while cleansing. No nasties.


What’s the difference between a cleansing oil and a cleansing balm?

The main difference between an oil cleanser vs a balm-type cleanser is the texture and packaging the product comes in. Cleansing oils come in a liquid form and generally have a pump bottle, whereas balms come in a solid butter-like form that melts into the skin upon application.

Neither necessarily works better than the other - its all about formulation and personal preference. With both, a little goes a long way, so it’s totally up to you which type you prefer for your first cleanse. 


I have oily skin. Surely using an oil based cleanser will make it worse?

Simply put, no.

While the word "oil" might initially make you shudder, these products will not worsen oily skin.

In fact, oils are an essential step for you, as they will gently work to remove the excess oil on your face, without stripping your skin of its natural oils. When we have oily skin there can be a tendency to over cleanse the skin or try and strip it of any moisture in the hopes that this will ‘dry the skin out’ and fix the oiliness problem. 

Unfortunately, this only works to exacerbate the issue because the skin will produce even more oil to combat the "dryness". Adding a cleansing balm or cleansing oil into your routine, followed by a perfectly balanced PH powder or foam cleanser will thoroughly clean the oils off the skin while working to restore the correct PH balance to the face.



 So, what are our Top 5 Cleansing Balms and Oils?




Subi Bare Skin Balm

Made from antioxidant-rich Australian Lemon Myrtle infused with dreamy Sea Buckthorn Oil, this balm melts away oil-based impurities while nourishing the skin with antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E. It also comes with its own mini spatula for easy application. We love pairing this back with the Subi Brightening Powder Cleanser for the perfect double cleanse.

Our Top 5 Oil Cleanses and Cleansing Balms


APLB Blackout Cleansing Oil 

This gentle cleansing oil from natural Korean beauty label APLB is made with natural botanical oils. The cruelty free formula is lightweight on the skin and helps flush out waste and controls blackheads and sebum. This oil is perfect for those with sensitive and congested skin and contains Salicylic Acid, Avocado Oil and Black Food complexes which remove impurities and provide hydration for the skin.


Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil

This traditional style oil cleanser helps to remove waste from the skin through gently dissolving and emulsifying wastes. Unlike other products on the market, this cleansing oil contains Glycine Soja oil that is lightt yet effective at removing skin dirt, sebum and makeup residue. 



Banila Co Clean It Zero Original 

Banila Co Clean It Zero Original has a light, sorbet-soft formula that contains antioxidants galore. It dissolves stubborn makeup and casts out impurities without stripping your skin of beneficial oils.

It was created to quickly and easily melt away even the most stubborn face & eye makeup. Designed with all skin types in mind, this skin-loving formula, completely cleanses skin and hydrates in one simple step. The perfect first step in your double-cleansing routine.


Still Need Help?

If you are new to oil and balm cleansers or unsure which would be ideal for your skin type, simply reach out to us! We would love to help you find your perfect fit. Remember, if you have any questions about K-Beauty please reach out to one of the STYLE STORY team. We are always here to help you!


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Where can I buy Korean Beauty products online?
Where can I buy Korean Beauty products online?
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"Cleansing balms are made up of oil and emollients and work to melt away and gently remove the excess oil and sebum which has built up throughout the day."


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