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Blogger Spotlight: Mask Mix Beauty

January 01, 2021

Blogger Spotlight: Mask Mix Beauty

Blogger Spotlight: Mask Mix Beauty

STYLE STORY is rounding up our favourite Aussie bloggers to talk through the Korean Beauty products they love and how their skincare routines have been inspired by the latest Korean skincare trends!

We’ve previously spoken with Yads from Clean Beauty Talk and Dani Smith from Dani the Girl Xo.

This week we’re talking to Nurul from Mask Mix Beauty.

How Did You Discover Korean Beauty?

“I was always fascinated by skincare since high school trying to tackle all my acne problems and changes my skin was going through as I got older. I also had many Korean friends who were diligent with their skin and carried mini samples in their school bags. Many items looked cute and eye catching, but because the internet back then was not easily accessible for research I could only go as far as visiting local beauty stores which didn’t stock K-beauty products.

The market was not big back then and I had to only settle for drugstore products. It was not until my first stumble with BB creams almost 10 years back, since then I have found a passion with K-beauty products!

Now that it’s easily accessible It’s kind of hard to kick my shopping addiction haha. All the countless brands, the cute and quirky aesthetics, the intriguing ingredients and application methods, I always feel like I am discovering something new and innovative.

This is what makes me passionate about K-beauty. Also, the results speak for themselves. Every time I watch a Korean drama I just can’t get over how perfect their skin looks *cries*.”

What’s Your Skin Type And Concerns?

“I have normal/combination skin with an oily t-zone. My main concerns would be sun-damage, pigmentation, anti-aging and whiteheads!”

What Is The First K-beauty Product Or Brand You Ever Tried?

“My first ever K-beauty product was the Perfect Cover BB-Cream by Missha! I became obsessed with the idea of an all-in-one cover, SPF & treatment. I thought this product was way beyond it’s time.”

What Are Your Top 3 Korean Beauty Products And Why?

“1. COSRX Original Clear Pads: My skin is just better when I apply these pre-soaked toning pads. I love the no fuss application and it does an excellent job hydrating my skin as well as keeping it smooth because of its gentle exfoliating properties. I like to apply this toner during the day because it helps with sebum control too.

2. 23YEARSOLD C-Tragel Cream: I love this cream so much! It is a brightening cream to target pigmentation issues and it evens your overall complexion rich in vitamin C and seabuckthorn. Great to use at night after all your skincare steps. I wake up with a glow when I use this.

3. J.ONE Jelly pack: Works as a mask, anti-aging treatment and a makeup primer all in one. To be honest I find this to be an amazing primer and yes it actually makes your skin look firmer and smooth! It has a jelly texture which you pat a light layer into your skin. It is best if you like the glass skin look. This product makes all the difference to me when I apply my favourite BB cream or foundation on top. I find that I like to use less makeup when I use it. Less is more for me!”

What’s The Strangest Korean Ingredient You’ve Ever Tried?

“Donkey milk.

I first tried it in a foaming cream cleanser, then sheet masks. After some research, donkey milk is full of anti-oxidants, proteins, minerals and fatty acids. I find donkey milk products to be very hydrating!

Sometimes in the world of K-beauty you get introduced to many strange ingredients. If I could name a few more, snail mucin, birds nest and natto!”

What’s One Thing K-beauty Has Taught You And How Have You Incorporated It Into Your Routine?

“Skincare layering beyond the usual 3 steps (cleanse – tone – moisturise).

K-beauty taught me about double-cleansing, essences, layering my toner, serums, sheet masks, sleeping packs and more. I have incorporated all these extra steps when I feel like I need to and my skin is always in a better condition when I pamper and pay more attention to it.”

If You Could Gift One K-beauty Product To Your Bff For Christmas What Would It Be And Why

“Whenever I get asked for the one thing that makes a difference in your skincare routine I would say toner. It creates the perfect canvas for all your skincare products and I want my BFF to notice that difference like I do.

If I could choose which toner it would be the TONYMOLY mocchi ceramide toner. It’s a huge generous bottle and can also be used as a DIY sheet mask by soaking dehydrated sheet mask tabs. This toner is gentle and really hydrating!”

STYLE STORY – Your Go-To For K-Beauty

Nurul is the Aussie beauty and lifestyle blogger behind Mask Mix Beauty. Step into her world of product reviews, western and K-beauty finds, face masks, lifestyle musings, and more!

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