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Why K-Beauty Is Obsessed With Propolis

January 01, 2021

Why K-Beauty Is Obsessed With Propolis

Why K-beauty Is Obsessed With Propolis

If you’re familiar with K-Beauty products, you’ve no doubt seen one ingredient that keeps popping up again and again.

It’s propolis.

If you’re wondering why K-Beauty is obsessed with propolis (and whether you should be too!) read on to find out.

What Is Propolis?

Propolis is the resin made by bees that they use to keep their hives together – it’s bee glue.

It’s a totally natural, slightly sticky substance that helps prevent disease and parasites from infecting the hive.

Propolis typically contains a range of different ingredients, including beeswax, sap and various botanical extracts, which the bees have collected from around the local area.

Propolis can contain up to 300 different natural compounds, from amino acids to polyphenols and many more.

What Does Propolis Do In Beauty Products?

Propolis offers a number of benefits for the skin, including acne-fighting and brightening, which explains why its such a skincare mainstay.

It can help reduce pigmentation, redness and inflammation, boost collagen, and offer antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors like sunlight and pollution.

Who Should Use Propolis?

Propolis works for a wide range of skin types, but can be especially beneficial for:

  1. Those with acne prone skin – propolis can help prevent acne, redness and inflammation, making it ideal for those with acne or who are acne-prone.
  2. Anyone with a sunburn – propolis has been shown to expedite the process of healing in sunburnt skin.
  3. Anyone with sensitive skin – thanks to its anti-allergy, anti-inflammation, cleansing properties, and its ability to promote action on collagen synthesis, propolis is an ideal ingredient for sensitive, reactive skin.
  4. Those suffering from skin damage – studies of propolis have shown positive collagen metabolism in wounds during the healing process, as it increases the collagen content of tissues. This makes propolis a good option for damaged skin.


Our Favourite K-beauty Products Containing Propolis

K-Beauty is *obsessed* with propolis, so you won’t have to look too long or hard to find out. Some of our tried and tested favourites? Try:


Propolis Serums 

Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule 

This hero serum contains 80% pure bee propolis extract, and gives the skin a poreless, smooth finish with a healthy glow.


Propolis Essences 


Tosowoong Propolis Brightening Essence 

This little essence packs a punch, with ingredients chok-full of antioxidants, brightening and natural skin soothers. Propolis is the star, accounting for 75% of the formula.


Propolis Masks 

iUNIK Propolis Sleeping Mask 

This creamy overnight mask has all the on-trend K-favourites, including propolis, hippophae rhamnoidesfruit extract and centella asiatica, which intensively nurture, soothe and hydrate tired skin.


Propolis Moisturisers 


APLB Vitamin Propolis Moisture Cream (70ml)

This moisturiser is packed with skin-brightening ingredients like Vitamin C, Propolis and Niacinamide.

It targets dark spots but does not lighten normal skin.


Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free option that skips out on alcohols and fragrances, try Benton’s moisturising gel, which helps soothe irritated skin, fade post-blemish scars, brighten skin tone and maintain hydration levels with both propolis and aloe.


Laneige Radian-C Cream

Thanks to its high Vitamin C content, this moisturiser hydrate skins with super ingredients for visibly brighter skin in just 3 days.

Laneige's 8.5% Vitamin C moisturiser (30ml) helps address dullness caused by visible dark spots and ultra-fine spots. A kind-to-skin formula, this cream is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. Radian-C Cream delivers brighter skin in just two weeks. 


TL;DR Why K-Beauty Is Obsessed With Propolis

If you’re looking to get your glow on K-Beauty style, opt for one of Korea’s favourite skin soothing, brightening ingredients – propolis. This natural wonder ingredient fights acne, inflammation, sun damage and pollution to help boost your complexion.


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"Propolis in the concentration of 5–20% has regenerative, repair effects and protects against external factors."

- Bee Products in Dermatology and Skin Care

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