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The Latest Cosmetic Research from Korea

November 08, 2022

The latest Cosmetic Research from Korea

The latest cosmetic research from Korea


Episode Description 

On this episode, Lauren discusses some of the research and development currently being undertaken in Korea into medical-grade, ordinary and functional cosmetics resulting in new patents. From UV blocking, skin whitening, anti-aging, hair loss, anti-inflammatory and more, many Korean manufacturers and researchers are discovering new ingredients. Plus, are genderless cosmetics finally making waves in Korea?





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The Latest Cosmetic Research from Korea 

  • Korean Beauty companies conduct a lot of research and development into both cosmetics and medical grade ingredients. Much of this is done by ODM / OEM manufacturers and little of it gets reported by western media. Instead, it gets sold onto the brands who formulate with the ingredients. 
  • As of May 202, 218 Korean patents were announced in a range of research fields:
    • 17 in the field of anti-inflammatory and atopic
    • 14 in moisturising 
    • 13 in UV blocking
    • 12 in the fields of "skin whitening", "hair growth", "hair loss", and "hair loss prevention" and "lipstick, mascara and eye makeup"
    • 9 in wrinkle & skin improvement, 
    • "extraction," "emulsification, emulsion, surfactant," and "solid cosmetics, foundation and powder."
  • The research and development is being conducted into many different ingredients as well, including some really interesting things like mixed extract of Noni and parsley, bottled grass extract, perilla seed oil, oak fruit oil, frog claw extract, abalone-derived peptides 
  • These are not just ingredients and products in the field of ordinary cosmetics but functional and medical grade cosmetics as well


The latest Cosmetic Research from Korea

Gender Free Cosmetics 

  • Gender free cosmetics are making their way into Korean news and some local brands have even launched their own lines. 

  • In some cases, there is not much difference between "unisex" and "genderless" and the marketing is often interchangeable 

  • But gender-free, gender neutral and genderless are technically different from unisex because they invoke the concept of gender neutrality whereas unisex simply means it can be used regardless of your gender.

  • Several local Korean brands have launched without gender boundaries and some existing brands have also released "Genderless" lines. 

The latest Cosmetic Research from Korea

Question of the Week: Does STYLE STORY ship to the UK and what’s the deal with customs?

  • Yes, we definitely do - we have plenty of customers in the UK!
  • Customs and duty are dictated by the UK Govt - for more information visit the UK Government's website.

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The latest Cosmetic Research from Korea

Recommendation of the Week - The Missing Crypto Queen

  • A true crime podcast hosted by Jamie Bartlett of the BCC
  • Follows the true story of Dr Ruja Ignatova, who persuaded millions to part with their money in one of the biggest pyramid schemes in history.
  • Defrauded investors of over $4 billion through a company called One Coin, a centralized currency hosted on OneCoin Ltd's servers. 
  • She is now on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted persons list


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"As of May 202, 218 Korean patents were announced in a range of research fields in the beauty industry"

Lauren Lee, Korean Beauty Expert

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