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Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022

May 05, 2022

Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022

Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022

Episode Description:

Lauren discusses the hottest Korean hair trends in 2022, including soft perms, pink hair, streaks, baby bangs, pixie cuts and more. Plus, she reveals the top trending treatments for hair that you can try at home, as well as some in-salon options to look into at a salon near you. 




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Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022


1 Soft perms

  • One of the hottest trending hairstyles in Seoul in 2022 is the soft perm. This is great for those looking to add volume to the hair or frame their face. This hairstyle also makes the face appear smaller (which is a major beauty point in Korea) 
  • Much like Korean eyelash perms, there are different gradients of perm in Korean haircare as well - and also like the eyelash perms, the C curl perm is really popular 
  • If you don’t want to go the full chemical perm at a salon you can try:
    • A few soft bends with a curling wand or flat iron 
    • For heat-free styling, apply a dime-sized amount of curl mousse to damp locks and scrunch.

2 Pink Hair

  • Inspired by cherry blossoms, this year’s hottest trend is pink hair. It’s a subtle colour that stands out and won’t overpower your overall look.
  • Pastel colours in general are quite popular in Korea once the weather heats up, including blues and purples 
  • You will needa round or two of bleaching before pastel hair dye is applied, so go to a professional rather than DIY-ing the colour at home. 
  • If you are planning to bleach your hair make sure you start prepping your hair well in advance:
    • Cut back on your hair styling products
    • Apply a hair oil or hair essence 
  • Korean celebs with pink hair include Somi, Rosie and Lisa from Black Pink, rapper Lee Young Ji and Tae Yeon from Girls Generation 



Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022 - Pink Hair

3 Brown Hues

  • Brunette hair is really popular because it’s an easier colour to attain for most Koreans. 
  • There are lots of different hues, including milk tea and rose brown. 
  • In general, brown is a good option for adding dimension to the hair. 
  • Korean celebs nailing brown hues including Suzy and Sandara Park 

4 Streaks

  • Remember these? Well streaks are back! In Korea, at least
  • The benefit of streaks is that you can customise your look and decide how bold you want to be.
  • Unlike other colouring options, streaks involve minimal bleach, making them a good option for those with damaged hair.
  • Also popular in Korea at the moment is doing one big chunky highlight. This is another good option for anyone wanting a change, but not a massive one. 
  • Korean actress Lee Yu-bin is nailing this look 

5 Pixie Cut

  • Pixie cuts are also in vogue at the moment.
  • Obviously being so short, this is a style that's quick and easy to wash and style. Going into summer it's also a nice and light, breezy option that will allow your neck to breathe. 
  • Korean hairdressers claim that this cut is most suited for women with small faces and long necks.  
  • Lee Joo Young rocked one in Itaewon Class, and Park So Dam has tried this style as well. 

6 Pale Blonde

  • Unlike platinum, pale blonde is a great shade for Asian skin tones, which probably explains the popularity of this hair trend in Korea.
  • It gives a softer look but is still quite drastic, particularly if you're going from dark hair to start. 
  • The pale blonde trend is popular among Kpop stars, including Somi, Rose from Black Pink, Jeongyeon from Twice and Chaelin 


7 Baby Bangs

  • You've probably seen them doing the rounds in Hollywood but in 2022, baby bangs are popular in Korean hairstyle as well. These are those micro bangs a few inches above your brows
  • They are super edgy and not for the faint-hearted but they do open up your face 
  • Goblin actress Kim Go-Eun tried the micro bang, as did Yoobin from Wonder Girls 


Korean Hair Treatments 

If you go a Korean hair salon, chances are they'll recommend you the Cinderella Hair Clinic treatment, particularly if you are having your hair dyed. It's a type of keratin treatment. 


In Salon Hair Treatments in Korea 

  • ​​Cinderella Treatment uses a mixture of onion and organic aloe vera, which moisturises and repairs your hair before infusing keratin into it. Unlike regular re-bonding, it is suitable for bleached hair.
  • The Cinderella Treatment is perfect for those with: 
    • Bleached and damaged hair
    • Unmanageable hair
    • Frizzy hair
    • Curly hair
  • The protective coating of Cinderella Treatment will last up to 3 months depending on what you do to your hair.
  • Basically, the less you wash your hair the longer the treatment will last but expect to get around 1 - 3 months out of it
  • Here's how keratin treatments in general work: 
  1. Pre-treatment removes surface build-up and prepares the cuticle so the keratin can penetrate the hair
  2. Hydrolysed keratin penetrates the hair cuticle by wrapping itself around the hair
  3. Heat is then applied to the hair to seal it 
  • With the keratin applied, the stylist will iron your hair to make sure that the keratin is properly sealed.  
  • There are places doing this in Singapore and Malaysia, and in the States. If you ask for a "keratin hair treatment" or "keratin smoothing treatment" at a Korean salon overseas, chances are that it will be this one. 


Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022

At Home Korean Hair Treatments to Try

Sparkling Water

  • Sparkling water is a really popular at-home treatment for scalp care .
  • This involves using sparkling water on your scalp to help with gentle scalp exfoliation and to purify the scalp. It's great for removing dead skin. 

Shower Filters 

  • A lot of people also have water filters to purify their water. This is particularly good for people who live in a place with hard water, which can damage hair. 

 Hottest Korean Hair Trends in 2022


Korean Hair Products To Try 


Hair Soap 

JJ Young by Caolion Lab All-in-One Soap is a 3-in-1 

  • This charcoal and menthol soap is perfect for the face, body and hair. The unique formula removes sebum and keratin from your hair.
  • It's also very environmentally friendly and comes in a little net, which you can use to hang it in your shower. 


Hair Essences

APLB Booster Clinic Hair Essence

  • This is a weightless, leave in-treatment that restores shine and nourishes dry, brittle hair. It also works to combat current damage.
  • The formula uses silk proteins, which not only moisturise the hair, but also help it retain moisture inside to protect it from drying out. The result is hair that is soft and luscious, with fewer breakages and split ends.


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"What generally tends to happen in Korea is that throughout winter people stay a bit closer to their roots with darker hair and around spring, when you start spending more time outside there's a flurry of new hair trends."

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

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