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Debunking 5 Common Skincare Myths

September 28, 2021

Debunking 5 Common Skincare Myths

Trying to navigate the world of skincare and beauty can be an absolute minefield.

Before you waste money on useless products or even harm your skin, let’s debunk some of the more common myths you might have heard.




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  • The rise of label-free cosmetics - which Korean companies and ODMs are opting to go label free and what innovations are being made in cosmetic packaging in Korea right now? We discuss. 


Skincare Myth 1: If The Ingredients Are The Same, Go For The Cheaper Option

Just because two products may contain the same or similar ingredients doesn't mean they are alike.

Creating skincare is a lot like cooking; while the ingredients are super important the execution is, ultimately, the make or break. The technology and process used to create formulas make all the difference. 


Skincare Myth 2: If You Have Acne, You Need to Cleanse Your Skin Multiple Times A Day

Over-washing and cleansing can cause further irritation to the already inflamed skin. Stick to the double-cleanse method twice a day. 

For sensitive, damaged and acne prone skin, Subi Bare Skin Balm and Subi Brightening Powder Cleanser are perfect.  


Skincare Myth 3: Purging and Breaking Out Are The Same Thing

Purging is what happens when we start increasing our skin cell turnover. This happens when we start incorporating products like Retinol, Vitamin C and AHA’s into our skincare routine.

As we age, these ingredients are awesome because they promote skin regeneration. Essentially, they are giving us new skin faster. However, as our new healthy skin is coming through, it can also bring to the surface some unwanted friends…excess sebum, flakes and oil build up. All of which are the perfect storm for creating pimples.

The good news?

Pimples from a purge have a much faster life than standard acne breakouts and will usually clear up in a few days. If you have just started using retinoids, then give your skin time to purge – around 4 – 6 weeks. If you still have issues a few months in its best to speak with a specialist. 

If you still aren’t sure whether your skin is purging or reacting jump onto episode 16 of the podcast. 



Skincare Myth 4: If You Have Olive or Dark Skin Then You Can Skip The Sunscreen


This is ESPECIALLY true for those of us living in Australia where our ozone layer has been depleted.

It is important that we protect our skin from UV rays, both UVB (the rays that burn your skin) and UVA (the rays that age you). This can help prevent everything from premature aging to skin cancer. 


Skincare Myth 5: Dermatology Tested Products Are Better

While it sounds professional and impressive, when you dig a little deeper ‘dermatologist tested’ doesn’t mean much more than that. While a dermatologist may have ‘trialled’ the product, this statement on its face gives no indication as to whether the dermatologist liked the products or even thought they were effective. It merely refers to the fact that it was tested.


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