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Latest K-Beauty Releases October 2021

October 05, 2021

Latest K-Beauty Releases October 2021

Episode Title: Latest K-Beauty Releases October 2021


Episode Description:

On today’s episode we are doing a giant round-up of the latest K-Beauty releases and products that have just launched in Australia at STYLE STORY.





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Episode Summary:


News headlines - Amorepacific takes minority ownership in COSRX

Amorepacific announced that it secured a minority shareholding in COSRX.

COSRX, which was established in 2013, showed amazing growth led by hit products, including ‘Original Clear Pad’, ‘Acne Patch’ and ‘Good Morning Gel Cleanser,’ solidifying its position as an emerging power in K-beauty.

Unlike other K-Beauty brands, overseas sales account for 80% of COSRX's total sales.

Through this partnership, the two companies plan to target the global beauty market. They will share R&D, production infrastructure, and product development.


Weekly Q & A - Should I Be Drinking Collagen?

This week's question is from a listener wondering whether drinking collagen will help replace her own collagen as she ages.  

What does the research on drinking collagen say?

Unsurprisingly, almost all of the research promoting the benefits of drinking collagen is funded by, you guessed it, collagen drink companies! So take their positive findings with a grain of salt. However, on the bright side, there is no evidence to suggest that these drinks are harmful to you in any way.

What to do instead

While drinking collagen might not be the magical solution we had hoped for to replenish our own lost collagen, there are a few things you can do that will help. Avoid:

1) Smoking

2) Excess alcohol consumption

3) Excess sugar; and

4) UV rays.

All of these factors speed up the natural decrease in our body’s collagen production and age the skin. 

Still desperate to pump a bit of collagen back into your skin?

APLB has some excellent hydrating products featuring collagen.

Although they won't replace your own internal collagen they can help support healthy skin.

Try APLB Propolis Collagen Eye Cream,APLB Collagen Peptide Moisture Cream andALPB Collagen Ampoule Serum.

















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"In news that has shocked the industry, Amore Pacific has announced it has purchased a minority stake in cult K-Beauty brand COSRX."

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

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