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Korean Skincare

Korean skincare is world-famous for its unique and innovative formulations that are available for a fraction of the price of comparable western cosmetics. 

From their formulations, packaging, approach, design and purpose, Korean skincare is different than western beauty products in many ways. 

If you're looking to explore the world of Korean skincare, then you're in the right place! STYLE STORY is the home of unique K-Beauty products you won't find anywhere else. 

What is KBeauty?


Kbeauty stands for Korean Beauty or beauty products from South Korea. 


Over the last 7 years, K-Beauty has solidified its standing as player number one. Korean beauty conglomerates like Amore Pacific and Innisfree have become household names. Famed for their innovative formulations, cutting-edge ingredients and cruelty-free approach to skincare, Koreans have redefined a new approach to beauty. 


The Korean philosophy to skincare emphasises prevention rather than cure. With routines that can include as many as 12 steps, the Korean approach allows for an incredibly tailored and personalised skin care regiment that can be adapted as required. 


The option to include (or remove) serums, sleeping masks, essences and acids allows you to target specific skin concerns and find a routine that works with your lifestyle. So why is Korean beauty so popular? Let's take a look. 




1) Innovative formulations and advanced technology 


South Koreans have consistently been at the forefront of innovative beauty formulations and ingredients. 


With a strong cultural identity that spans thousands of years, Korean Beauty infuses ancient knowledge of ingredients with modern advanced technologies. 


Whether it is Innisfree harnessing of the nutrient rich soil found on the volcanic island of Jeju or Beauty of Joseon recreating the skincare knowledge of the women from the Korean Dynastic Period, ingredients and formulations are taken incredibly seriously. There is also a large focus on natural, gentle, soothing ingredients as opposed to chemical, harsh or stripping ingredients often found in Western skincare. 


2) Skin-friendly formulas for all skin types 


Now more than ever consumers are wary of what is in their skincare and what they are putting on their face. By using mostly natural, soothing ingredients, minimal fragrance, and formulations that are designed for sensitive skin, customers can rest easy knowing that Korean formulations aren’t going to strip the skin or damage their skin's barrier. Many products are also Vegan friendly, meaning no animals have suffered for your beauty. Testing on animals is not legal in Korea, so consumers can rest easy knowing that their K-Beauty is cruelty free. 


3) Prevention is better than cure


One of the core philosophies underpinning K-Beauty is their focus on prevention over cure. Koreans will often commence a beauty routine in their teenage years, long before most Westerners. There are also other significant cultural differences like attitudes towards the sun and UV exposure.


4) Highly effective yet affordable 


Another edge that K-Beauty has on Western skincare is it’s affordability. While it is true that luxury brands exist in the K-Beauty world (think Sulwahoo, Amore Pacific and Charmzone) K-Beauty is famed for its affordability. Brands like Innisfree, Skinfood and Benton average out at around the $20 mark for their products. The best part? The affordability doesn’t come at the expense of great formulations and ingredients. In an industry with so many competitors, the price of K-Beauty has been driven down to give consumers the best possible experience. 


Thanks to the innovative formulations, advanced technology, personalised skincare routines, natural and gentler formulation for all skin types, prevention techniques and affordable yet high quality skincare K-Beauty is here to stay. 




If you are new to your K-Beauty journey or just looking to shake things up, reach out to one of our STYLE STORY team members. We are here to answer any and all of your K-Beauty related questions!


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