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Face Oil

A good face oil balances skin, hydrates and creates a bright, bouncy canvas for makeup. It’s your all-in-one daily beauty oil. 

Whether you've got oily skin, (because even oily skin needs nourishment), very dry, dehydrated or mature skin we have an oil for you. 

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Searching for the perfect Korean beauty face oil? STYLE STORY has you sorted!


Here's the need to know about face oils and how to incorporate one into your skin care routine. 



Why Use a Face Oil? 


Face oils are ideal to hydrate, revive and brighten your skin. They are perfect to use on your own, to layer under makeup or give your skin an extra gleam. 



What Do Face Oils Do?


1 Instantly boost moisture

2 Counteract dehydration

3 Help to balance your skin's oil and moisture levels

4 Seal in the moisture to ensure skin stays protected

5 Fights against dryness, fluctuations in temperature and artificial heating / cooling

Can Oily Skin Use an Oil? 




Because the oils in face oils are completely different to those produced by the skin, even oily skin can benefit from using one. Facial oils don't add more oil to your already oily skin. Instead, they work to hydrate it. 


Properly hydrated skin is the key to regulating the oil your skin produces. 


How to Use a Face Oil In Your Skincare Routine 


1. Dry skin spot treatment 


Apply your oil onto dry skin, red skin, dry elbows, knees and any other parched skin that needs a bit of love. This will instantly rehydrate and soothe your skin. 


2. Makeup primer 


Prepping your skin with an oil before applying your makeup makes makeup application a dream. Oils deeply penetrate into the skin, giving you the perfect canvas for makeup application. 


3. Highlighter


If you’re going makeup-free but want an extra drop of dewiness, apply your face oil onto the high points of your cheeks. You'll get a glow that protects, nourishes and soothes the skin. 


4. Cuticle Care 


Pop one or two drops of oil onto the tips of your fingers and massage into your cuticles to keep them from cracking and looking gross. 


5. Hair Care


Apply a small amount of oil to your hands and run it through your hair after washing. This will help keep it silky, smooth and soft for longer! 



Need help picking the perfect K-Beauty Oil for your skin? 


Get in touch with our team of STYLE STORY Korean Beauty experts and we would be happy to match you with your perfect Korean beauty oil. 

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