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The Best K-beauty Products For Acne-prone Skin

December 31, 2020

The Best K-beauty Products For Acne-prone Skin

The Best K-beauty Products For Acne-prone Skin

Acne. Pimples. Breakouts. Blemishes.

Whatever you call them, we all get ’em and we all #hatethem.

So how best to get rid of them ASAP (if not before)?!

Let's take a look.

Today, we're examining the cause of acne and blemishes, the fast-acting ingredients to help get rid of them and the best K-Beauty products for acne that’ll have those blemishes busted in no time.

What Causes Acne?

Acne occurs when pores clog with dead skin cells and sebum. When the clog occurs near the top layers of the skin, whiteheads or blackheads form. Deeper clogs cause pimples and acne cysts.

How Can You Get Rid Of Acne?

Acne and pimples can be stubborn, so a multi-pronged attack is best. STYLE STORY’s top tips that are easy to follow at home are to:

1 Control excess oil

Removing excess oil from your face can help reduce blemishes by preventing the build-up of dirt and oil in the skin. You can do this by using skincare products that are designed to correct the balance of oil and moisture in the skin.

2 Wash your face twice a day

Washing twice daily is necessary for blemish-prone skin types, but while you’re at it, take a look at the cleanser you’re using. An antibacterial and/or pH balanced cleanser is best, as these work to restore the skin’s barrier and prevent bacteria from breeding, which helps control breakouts.

3 Avoid harsh scrubbing

Don’t be tempted to think you can scrub blemishes or buildup away; washing your face too vigorously or frequently will only irritate the skin even further. Use gentle cleansers, and keep exfoliation to a minimum; once or twice a week is plenty.

Blemish Busting Ingredients

There are a whole range of different beauty ingredients in K-Beauty products that are designed to bust blemishes without further irritating already sensitive skin:

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help unblock sebaceous glands and clear up pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.


Perfect for oily skin, it deep cleanses, makes pores appear smaller, removes excess sebum, exfoliates dead skin cells, and enhances skin tone for a more even complexion.


A natural ingredient from bee resin, propolis reduces the inflammation in breakouts while also ridding skin of bacteria.

Snail Secretion Filtrate

AKA snail mucin – this is a K-beauty favourite ingredient that contains skin-friendly antioxidants, proteins, elastin, and glycolic acids. It is especially helpful for blemishes, uneven skin tone and acne scarring.

Best K-beauty Products For Acne-prone Skin

Some of STYLE STORY’s favourite Korean Beauty products for acne include:

Basic Skincare

Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule – this K-Beauty serum is jam-packed with 80% pure bee propolis extract to soothe, soften and repair skin,.


Subi Perfect Pimple Patch– Say goodbye to pesky pimples with this luxury pimple patch. Made from the thinnest, most invisible patch on the market. If you get pimples in hard-to-reach places (like the side of the nose or around your mouth) then these are your patches. The thinness, stickiness and absorptive powers of Subi’s patches means they stay in place long enough to effectively tackle the pimples that other patches can’t.

COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream– a spot treatment that works by effectively drying out visible acne overnight. It uses a skin-recovery complex that blends Zinc Oxide, Calamine, CentellAC-RX Complex and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask– this facial treatment mask not only soothes irritated, inflamed skin, but star ingredient snail secretion filtrate also repairs skin tone and scarring.

Subi Holo Dream Mask & BrushThis face mask & brush kit has the lot! Get ready for clearer, glowing, more radiant skin with fewer visible impurities in just 5 minutes! This handy mask kit also doubles as a makeup primer, leaving your skin with a subtle holographic glow that's a perfect base for your makeup. 


What are the best Korean beauty products for acne-prone skin that you’ve found? Let us know in the comments.

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"The thinness, stickiness and absorptive powers of Subi’s patches means they stay in place long enough to effectively tackle the pimples that other patches can’t."


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