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Sunscreen Myths Busted

December 29, 2020

Busting Common Sunscreen Myths

Sunscreen Myths Busted

When it comes to sunscreen, there are a whole lot of inaccuracies flying around.

Here are some of the top sunscreen myths busted.

Myth 1: If You Wear Makeup That Contains Spf You Don’t Need To Wear Sunscreen

Many people believe that if their makeup, BB Cream or powder contains an SPF factor, then they don’t need to bother with a separate sunscreen. After all, why apply sunscreen over more sunscreen, right?


Why It’s A Myth:

This is a myth for two reasons:

1.The amount of makeup you would have to apply to get the stated level of sun protection is unrealistic for most people; they simply do not use that much foundation, BB Cream or powder on their faces. Check out Hannah English‘s instagram account @ms_hannah_e to see her trying out how much makeup you actually have to apply to get the stated level of protection.

2.Sun protection from makeup can often be quite uneven due to an uneven application of product in certain areas of the face. Think about how much powder you apply – are you 100% positive you get every corner of your face covered the same? It’s just not always possible with makeup to get a consistently even application in all the areas touched by the sun.

What To Do Instead:

In reality, to ensure you get an adequate amount of sun protection, the safest option is to apply a high SPF sunscreen first, and then your makeup over the top.

The correct application order for sunscreen, makeup and skincare when applying them in your morning routine is:

Skincare > Sunscreen > Makeup

You Can Layer Different Spf Products To Increase Your Sun Protection

Why It’s A Myth:

The reality is that you will only receive the protection of the highest level of SPF you apply.

Say, for example you apply a lotion with SPF 15 and a sunscreen with SPF 30. The highest level of sun protection you’ll receive is SPF 30, not the combined value of SPF 45. This is because SPF measures how much of the sun’s UVB rays are blocked. Layering products doesn’t improve the amount of active ingredients in the cream.

What To Do Instead:

To get the most out of your sunscreen, you should reapply it every two hours if you’re sweating and every four-six hours if you’re not.

Even though you can’t double up on your SPF factor, there is some benefit in layering your sunscreens though and that is:

1. You’re less likely to miss a spot if you apply multiple products with SPF in them;

2. The more products you apply that contain sunscreen in them, the more likely you are to apply the right amount of sunscreen. Unfortunately, most studies show that people don’t apply the right amount of sunscreen.


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What Are The Top Sunscreen Myths You’ve Heard? Any Application Methods You Want To Check With Us? Drop Them In The Comments Section Below!

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