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Style Story In The Sunday Mail

January 06, 2021

Style Story In The Sunday Mail

Style Story In The Sunday Mail

STYLE STORY was excited to see Founder Lauren Lee and some of our fav K-Beauty products in last weekend’s Sunday Mail!

Lauren covered some of the K-Beauty essentials, like using an essence, “blurring” rather than concealing, and the dangers in over-exfoliating.

Using A Facial Essence

Lauren explained that essences contain active ingredients that optimise the skin’s natural turnover rate and help it regenerate. They are “watery in texture and applied to clean skin after toning”, meaning they help hydrate so that your serum or moisturiser sink in. 


Go Easy With The Exfoliator

While Western skincare tends to focus on scrubbing, buffing and peeling skin to reveal the younger-looking layers, Korean skincare concentrates on adding hydration. “This is because over-exfoliation can damage your skin barrier,” Lauren explained. “So Koreans exfoliate two to three times a week and only use gentle products such as diluted sugar crystals.

Blur, Don’t Conceal

Korean women like to ‘blur’ skincare products for a more natural look, Lee explained: “This involves layering moisturisers, primers and creams to reduce the look of fine lines and uneven skin without needing too much make-up.” To do this:

1 Use a brightening moisturiser with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to create a smooth base. 

2 Apply a CC cream to fix pigmentation.

3 Pat on a BB cream or cushion foundation for a dewy finish. 

Tap (Don’t Rub) Your Products In

Koreans believe in applying products with facial massage techniques, including gently tapping and patting products into your face. Not only does this minimise damage, it’s also said to boost product absorption and increase blood flow.

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