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Style Story In The Daily Telegraph

January 06, 2021

Style Story In The Daily Telegraph

Style Story In The Daily Telegraph

“It’s the skincare regimen with more steps than Alcoholics Anonymous and it’s taking the beauty industry by storm.”


Road Testing the Korean Beauty Routine 

What happens when Daily Telegraph reporter Elle Halliwell road tests the Korean Beauty routine for a week after a lifetime of only using one skincare product?

Find out as she tests some of STYLE STORY’s best-selling Korean Beauty products in her Daily Telegraph feature “Can this intensive cult Korean beauty regimen really stop the clock?“’s article covered Korean beauty products available in Australia, noting:

“The Korean beauty industry spend serious bucks on cosmetic research and the Western world wants what they’re having.

Last year, South Korea exported more than 2.64 billion dollars worth of cosmetics – mostly skincare. Korean women are good at looking after their skin – and they don’t mind spending the time (ten step regime anyone?)

The ten-step routine has our typical Western cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating but dials it all up a notch with a double-step cleanse, extra treatment serums and of course the iconic sheet mask.

Brush up on the ten steps with our guide, including a fresh batch of Korean-worthy products you can actually buy in Australia.”

The Daily Telegraph On K-beauty

“Korean beauty, or K-Beauty as it’s known among devotees, is the secret behind Korean women’s flawless skin and the western world is only now discovering it.

This beauty movement has nothing to do with the discovery of a miracle ingredient…

It’s not unusual for Korean women to complete a 10 to 17-step beauty routine involving cleansers, essence, serum ampoules, moisturisers and multiple masks in a bid to stop the clock.

It’s no surprise considering South Korea has been dubbed the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, with its population spending billions of dollars a year in the quest for flawless features.”

On Style Story

STYLE STORY Founder Lauren was quoted in the Daily Telegraph article, explaining the philosophy behind the Korean skincare regimen.

“Korean skincare focuses on soothing and nourishing the skin rather than stripping it, whereas western skincare often focuses on stripping away layers and exfoliating to reveal new skin, Korean skincare is all about putting nutrients back into the skin and nurturing it.

“As your skin does most of its repairing at night while you sleep, Koreans try to make the most of this by layering more products on at night, right before you sleep.

The Korean Beauty Routine

As part of her new Korean Beauty routine, Elle tried out the following STYLE STORY products:

Elle’s verdict?

“I am giving my skin much more love than I did prior to my K-Beauty road test…and hopefully it will return the favour for a few decades to come.”


GET THE ARTICLE: The Daily Telegraph


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