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Style Story In Meld Magazine

January 06, 2021

Style Story In Meld Magazine

Style Story In Meld Magazine

STYLE STORY Founder Lauren Lee chatted with Meld Magazine – Australia’s leading international student news website – to talk all things K-Beauty.

Lauren is based on the ground in South Korea and covered the latest trending skincare straight from the streets of Seoul.

She confirmed that this year’s K-Beauty trends include on-the-go skincare, products designed to repair a damaged skin barrier, next generation face masks, facial soaps and minimalist skincare products.

On-The-Go Skincare

Lauren confirmed: “This year has been the year of on-the-go skincare. Facial mists have taken off in a big way”, as have on-the-go cleansers.

Products To Repair A Damaged Skin Barrier

Lauren has also noticed: “a massive increase in Korean skincare products that are designed to fortify and repair a damaged skin barrier, as well as protect it from pollution.”

She confirmed, “(t)he trend has been towards new moisturising creams and face masks, as well as a continued focus on pH balanced cleansers, to boost the barrier.”

Next-Gen Face Masks

In terms of face masks:

“Modelling masks continue to be the flavour of the day, with new formulas now available to target a range of skin issues. These face masks were originally used in day spas and beauty clinics for facials – they’re pasted onto the face with a spatula, and the unique formula is moulded to fit your face. When the mask dries, it turns rubbery so it can easily be removed.”

Face Soaps?

Another new and perhaps surprising trend is in face soaps.

Lauren confirmed she’s seeing:

“…a wide range of Korean beauty brands are now coming out with their own gentle, nutritious and hydrating soap bars that target everything from problem pores and blackheads to sensitive skin. The key is to pick the right formulation for your skin type and your skin won’t dry out.”

Minimalist Products

The trend for all-things minimalist continues, “both in terms of formulas and packaging.”

There are more and more Korean beauty products that contain “…hard-hitting ingredients in a gentle formula that doesn’t contain excessive fillers or chemicals.”

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