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Korean Beauty For Lazy Girls

December 30, 2020

Korean Beauty For Lazy Girls

Korean Beauty For Lazy Girls

Think Korean skincare means a long regime with a million steps? Think again!

STYLE STORY breaks down the key steps of the Korean Beauty Routine for lazy girls (and guys!).

K-Beauty In 2020

If the thought of spending half an hour every night clocking up 12 steps on your skincare regime sounds like your idea of hell, you’re in luck – the Korean Beauty routine is not about rigidly following a set routine or steps.

It’s all about tailoring your skincare to target your specific skin issues.

1 If You Do Nothing Else, Cleanse Your Face

Believe it or not, many skincare issues can be easily resolved by properly cleansing your face. The key is to use an oil based cleanser to remove your sunscreen and makeup at night, followed by a foaming cleanser. Once you have a clean base, you can treat any skin issues you’re tackling (whether it be dryness, acne or pigmentation etc).

2 Prep Your Skin With An Essence

Essencesare a quintessential step in the Korean Beauty. They hydrate the skin and prep it so that it effectively absorbs the next products you apply after. Korean essences offer a variety of skincare benefits in a single product, so they are a solid time-investment!

3 Sheet Mask On The Go

They might look fussy but sheet masks are ridiculously simple and easy to use. Masking is also one of the quickest ways to super-charge your skincare routine.

Pop one on for 15 minutes three nights a week while you’re getting dinner ready or doing something else and get that skin glowing.

4 Supercharge your routine with a serum

If you’re wondering why you should use a serum the answer is simple – unlike other skincare products, serums contain a far higher concentration of active ingredients. This means you’ll get more skincare benefits when you apply one.

5 Hydration Is Key

Don’t skip your moisturiser, especially at night.

Your moisturiser does two things – it hydrates and protects your skin from the stressors caused by the external environment and aids in repairing the skin while you sleep. If you skip the hydration, your skin’s texture and appearance will suffer.

6 Sunscreen Is Non-negotiable

No matter how lazy you are, sunscreen is a must.

Don’t kid yourself that the sunscreen in your moisturiser or makeup is enough – you need a separate special purpose sunscreen, preferably SPF 50+, every day especially if you spend more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight (and yes, walking to the bus stop counts).

Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in the Korean beauty routine—and for good reason. Sun damaged skin is prone to premature ageing, pigmentation, skin cancer and more. Yep, we’ll pass on that too!

Tl;dr (For The Truly Lazy!)

Although you’re born with a set skin type, the day-to-day state and condition of your skin is largely within your control. Tailoring a skincare routine that suits your skin type and tackles any issues you are currently experiencing doesn’t need to be time-consuming.

The key is to try out different products and find the ones that work with your skin, enhance it and also match your budget.

You may need to test out a few options to find the perfect fit but once you have your skincare routine down-pat you’ll be able to do it in your sleep.

Not lazy enough?! Try our Lazy Skincare Set!


Got other tips for Korean Beauty for Lazy Girls? Leave them in the comments!

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"Although you’re born with a set skin type, the day-to-day state and condition of your skin is largely within your control."


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