K-beauty Dupe For Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

December 29, 2020

K-beauty Dupe For Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

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If You Spend Any Time On Social Media, Chances Are You’ve Seen The Popular Australian Pink Clay Pore Refining Face Mask From Sand & Sky. While The Mask Has Built A Huge Following, The $70 Price Tag May Not Be For Everyone.

We know our community loves a “savey” version of a “spendy” product, which is why we’ve found an awesome K-Beauty dupe for Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask!

Dupe Alert

With hundreds of thousands of K-Beauty products hitting the shelves every year, there’s a good chance that even the hottest skincare products have a K-Beauty equivalent, a product that incorporates similar ingredients, textures and effectiveness.

Some are even more beloved than the originals!

Enter Sand & Sky’s Pink Clay Mask – an Insta-worthy pink textured wash-off face mask that promises to clear congestion, detoxify and brighten the skin. Sitting at around $70 for a tiny 60g pot, Sand & Sky is definitely a splurge.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that doesn’t miss out on any of the skin-refining benefits, then K-Beauty favourite Cosmetea Black Tea Pink Clay Mask might just be your perfect fit. For less than half the cost and over three times the size of Sand & Sky, it’s a bargain.

Let’s take a look!

Why Clay Masks?

Clay masks have been used since ancient times and are popular because they’re great for all skin types – dry, oily, sensitive and everything in between.

If you’re looking to draw out impurities, refine and tighten those pores and detoxify skin, then just 10-15 minutes with a clay mask once a week can help to clear out gunk, boost your natural glow and protect your skin against everyday pollution.

Sand & Sky Vs Cosmetea


The hero ingredient in both Sand & Sky and Cosmetea’s masks is pink clay. This combination of kaolin and bentonite deeply cleanses by absorbing and lifting away debris and excess oil to clear congestion, purify pores and protect against breakouts.

While Sand & Sky uses a range of ingredients like witch hazel and mangosteen to refine and protect skin, Cosmetea takes a minimalist approach with black tea extract. This miracle ingredient boosts radiance, protects your skin’s moisture levels and is a great barrier against the toxins of urban environments. Cosmetea also ups the game with camellia oil, a nutrient and antioxidant-rich moisturiser which softens skins.

Texture Differences

While Sand & Sky’s mask has a traditional earthly texture to it, Cosmeteauses a creamy whipped texture that almost looks like a pink version of aero chocolate. It spreads out beautifully, and has a lot of slip to it, meaning there’s no struggle to spread it.

Size And Price Differences

Perhaps one of the biggest things that stands out between the two products is the sheer difference in size.

Whereas Cosmetea contains a whopping 200ml of formula (100ml is standard), Sand & Sky’s product is truly tiny – 60g, which equals only two months worth of masks if you use the product as suggested by the brand.

The price is also not for the faint hearted, sitting at around $70 AUD, compared to $32.95 for Cosmetea.

At the end of the day, there is nothing inherently expensive about pink clay itself to warrant a $70 price tag. It’s a basic ingredient that’s included in many entry-level skincare formulas, and while useful it’s hardly groundbreaking.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a K-Beauty dupe for Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask, Cosmetea Black Tea Pink Clay Mask is the way to go.

With 100% Vegan creds, a delicious creamy formula, similar results and more bang for buck, Cosmetea is a great alternative to get skin looking brighter, clearer and less congested – without spending a fortune.

Have You Tried Sand & Sky Or Cosmetea? Let Us Know Which Clay Mask You Would Choose In The Comments!

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