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How To Minimize Pores

December 29, 2020

How To Minimize Pores

How To Minimize Pores


Large, Visible Pores Are The Stuff Skincare Nightmares Are Made Of!

If you’re wondering how to minimize pores and stop yours from looking so big, read on because we’re covering the best ingredients and skincare products to keep pores as clean, tight and small as possible.


Why Do Pores Appear Large?

So, first things first it’s important to know that the pores do NOT expand and contract – they are not a muscle.

This means that it’s not actually possible to shrink them. What causes pores to look large in the first place is oil, so it makes sense that in order to keep your pores looking their smallest you need to first get a handle on managing your skin’s oil levels.


How to Minimize Pores


What Not To Do

Step away from the tweezers!! Attacking pores with your fingers (or worse) can damage them, causing them to look larger than they really are. If you really succeed, you may even permanently damage them.

Uh oh… Instead, opt for ingredients that help clear the pores out, keeping them looking smooth, fresh, clean and – you guessed it – smaller!


Best Ingredients For Clearing Pores

Some of our favourite ingredients for pore clearing include:

Charcoal Powder, which binds to dirt and helps pull it out of your pores, making them less visible.

Volcanic Ash, which acts as a suction, vacuuming impurities from the skin to keep it smooth, fresh and clean.

Kaolin, which controls sebum and reinforces firmness.

Bentonite, which is a clay-like ingredient that works to absorb oil and other impurities from the skin.

Taean mud, which contains natural minerals and is well known for its effectiveness for moisturising the skin and removing micro dust.

How to Minimize Pores - STYLE STORY Australia

Our Favourite Skincare Routine To Unclog The Pores

If you’re looking to make a routine around unclogging your pores, try this pore-cleansing combination:

How to Minimize Big Pores: Steps 1 & 2 Double Cleanse

A double cleansing routine might seem counter-intuitive for oilier skin types. After all, applying oil on oily skin seems like a bad idea, right?

However, in order to get rid of excess oil, using an oil-based cleanser at the first step of your nightly cleansing routine is ideal.

Our Double Cleansing Duo is perfect. When Subi's Bare Skin Balm is paired with an ultra-gentle, naturally foaming cleanser like Subi's Powder Wash your skin is left completely clean and fresh, and most importantly, with the correct balance of oil and water in the skin. 

Properly cleansing any makeup and sunscreen you're wearing is also critical to avoid having clogged pores. 

How to Minimise Wide Pores: Steps 3 and 4 Toner & Essence

Jelly Ko's Dewy Glaze Toner is the ideal reset for your skin after cleansing. That's because it contains multiple different humectants and antioxidants but the lightweight texture won't weigh your skin down. 

There are several ways you can use it.

For oilier skin types, our favourite way is to apply a small amount to a cotton pad and lightly wipe it over your skin. If your skin is more combination than oily follow up with a second layer of Dewy Glaze Toner applied with your hands only. Tap lightly to aid absorption. 

After use, your skin will be perfectly prepped to absorb whatever products you apply next. 

Jelly Ko's Dewy Glaze Toner

How to Minimise Pores: Step 5 Mask

Subi Holo Dream Mask - The gentle atlernative to traditional clay masks, Subi's Holo Dream Mask removes toxins and pollutants from your skin without harsh ingredients, essential oils or fragrances.

Kaolin clay helps to remove pigmentation clusters from your skin’s surface, while Kakadu plum and mica brighten the complexion. Your skin is left with a subtle holo glow that's the perfect base for makeup. 


How to Minimize Pores: Step 6 Serum

At your serum stage, opt for something that gently cares for build-up, dead skin and oiliness gently. 

One of our favourites is Tosowoong's Bakuchiol Serum. This formula combines several gentle exfoliants in a non-irritating formula that even the most sensitive skin types can use. 

With regular use you will notice quicker turnover of dead skin, leading to a vibrant, brighter complexion. 

How to Minimize Pores

How to Minimise Big Pores: Step 7 Moisturiser

For your moisturiser, depending on how oily your skin is we would recommend one of two products. For very oily and acne prone skin types, try SOME BY MI's AHA BHA PHA Miracle Cream
For more combination skin types, we love Dr Jart's Hydro Plump Cream.
These assist in maintaining the correct balance in oilier skin types. 

How to Care for Pores: Step 8 Sleeping Mask

Finish your routine with an ultra lightweight but extremely hydrating treat for the skin featuring niacinamide, panthenol and more. Try Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask
Want even more tips for unclogging pores? Check out our previous post here.
Do You Have Tips For Minimizing Pores And Making Pores Less Visible That We Haven’t Covered? Drop Them In The Comments!

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"What causes pores to look large in the first place is oil, so it makes sense that in order to keep your pores looking their smallest you need to first get a handle on managing your skin’s oil levels."


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