Best K-beauty Products For Bacne

December 31, 2020

Best K-beauty Products For Bacne

Best K-beauty Products For Bacne


It’s the lesser-known but equally annoying sister of acne and we’re #notaboutthatlife. If you want to get rid of your bacne quickly and painlessly, put down the tweezers, stop picking and reach for these instead.

We present – the best K-Beauty products for bacne.

Pimple Patches

Pimple patches actively encourage faster recover from pimples, providing care for both active spots and the scars left behind. They work by absorbing excess pus and liquid in the pimple itself, flattening them out and draining the liquid.

Best of all, you won’t experience any dryness or flaking after using these patches, unlike traditional anti-acne treatments like salicylic acid.

Try Subi Perfect Pimple Patch.


Yes, you read that right. Soap.

Once rejected for being overly drying and messy to use, the new breed of K-Beauty soaps are perfect for a wide range of skin types and have plenty of special features that old soaps didn’t.

Not only are they soothing, natural and even cruelty-free, some of them don’t even change shape no matter how many times you’ve used them and others come in their own hygienic foaming nets. This means you can use and store them hygienically and mess-free.

Better yet – most of them can even be broken into smaller pieces so you can use one piece for your body and the other for your face!

How Do They Hork?

K-Beauty soaps work to deep-cleanse the pores, assisting to remove excess sebum. It’s this excess build-up that is responsible for clogging the pores and leading to the outbreak of the dreaded bacne (and even boob-ne, the little pimples you get in between your cleavage).

Unlike your ordinary soap or shower gel, these soaps are rich in antioxidants to help control oil and dead skin.

How Do You Use Them?

Simply keep one hanging in the shower and use it to wash up. Easy!

As a bonus, most of these soaps also work a treat for congested facial skin and to remove blackheads. Plus, some of them are even good to use in greasy hair!

Our K-Beauty Soap Picks

The best K-Beauty soaps we’ve found include:

Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar – Perfect for dry, oily and sensitive skin types, Benton’s facial and body soap contains cocoa powder, oatmeal and calamine for a non-irritating, yet effective cleanse that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. This one is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

JJ Young by Caolion Lab All in One Soap – perfect for oily and combination skin types, this divine-smelling soap can be used on your face, hair and body. It targets large pores and works to remove both sebum and keratin. Plus, it’s cruelty-free.


What are the best K-Beauty products for bacne you’ve tried? Let us know in the comments.

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