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What's So Good about the Korean Beauty Routine?

December 30, 2020

An Overview Of The Korean Beauty Routine

You’ve No-doubt heard of the intricate routine and the many different steps. But what's so good about the Korean beauty routine anyway?

Let's take a look at what's actually involved in the routine, the philosophy behind it and why there’s no need to do all the steps.  

The “Steps”

First things first – more than a set of steps that “must” be followed, the Korean Beauty Routine is really a philosophy. The guiding principle of that philosophy is hydration.


Because Koreans believe that keeping skin well nourished and moisturised makes it look and feel softer, plumper and more radiant. Having hydrated skin also takes years off your face by improving the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

The various “steps” of the Korean beauty routine are all just geared towards that goal – making sure the skin is adequately hydrated.

K-Beauty favours light layers that can be tailored to the individual and their skin.


An Overview Of The Korean Beauty Routine

What Is The Korean Beauty Routine?

The so-called "Korean Beauty Routine" is not a set routine that “has” to be followed.

Instead, it's about treating any issues your skin is facing. Depending on how much time you have, what season it is etc your routine will be different.

No two skins are the same, therefore it goes without saying that no two skincare routines are either. Guess what? You can even change it up every time you do your skincare. Really. 

For more on the differences between K-Beauty and western beauty tune into the podcast here:



Although there are a different steps that you may want to include, that isn’t to say that if you don’t do all them you aren’t doing a “Korean Beauty routine”. Similarly, there's no need to work your way up to doing all of them to find success with your skincare.

Instead, It’s merely a suggestion; an indication of some of the products that are out there. You can determine which ones might be best for you.


An Overview Of The Korean Beauty Routine

A Full Routine

The Korean Beauty Routine can include the following steps:

Steps 1 And 2 – Double Cleanse

Firstly, we start off with a cleansing routine.

Why the need to cleanse twice?

The idea is that even though you need to remove your makeup, you shouldn’t be harshly scrubbing your face to get it off. Using an oil-based cleanser helps cut through foundation and eye makeup without harming your skin.

Step 3 – Toner

Secondly, we apply a toner.

This resets your skin’s pH balance and preps it to receive the next step of skincare.

Steps 3-6 Essence/Facial Oil/serum/ampoule

Next, we apply our treatment steps.

These products are highly concentrated to target specific skin issues. They actively hydrate and target a variety of common concerns like freckles, sun spots, wrinkles and acne.

Step 7 – Emulsion

Emulsions are designed to offer an extra layer of hydration to soothe dry skin. This is not an essential step if you are time poor (or your skin is not particularly dry.)

Step 8 – Eye Cream

A good eye cream prevents eye bags, dark circles and puffiness by providing hydration to your delicate under-eye area.

Step 9 – Moisturiser

Hydrates and protects skin from the stressors caused by the external environment.


An Overview Of The Korean Beauty Routine

Step 10 – Am – Sunscreen

Finally, never forget your sunscreen. 

Aussies should be as fanatical about their sunscreen use as Koreans. This is because the Aussie climate has an extremely harsh UV Factor.

Even though no Korean sunscreens can legally be sold in Australia, we recommend getting your hands on a good local one.

Make sure it's at least an SPF 35+ and apply it every morning before makeup. 


Face Masks

The sheer array of face masks might seem overwhelming, but the key point of masking is simply to provide intense hydration and nourishment to your skin.

Freckles, wrinkles, skin tone, acne, pigmentation and fine lines can all be improved through regular masking.


Who doesn’t love a good scrub?

Exfoliating is great for clearing out dead skin and promoting cell turnover.

Just make sure you don’t scrub too vigorously – the aim is not to take your skin off, simply to give it a little buff and polish.

Don’t do it too frequently either. Less is more, because you don’t want to strip your skin of essential oils.

An Overview Of The Korean Beauty Routine


Using active acids (BHAs, AHAs etc) are simply another way to exfoliate your skin – chemically, rather than manually. They have a multiple of benefits. Firstly, they can assist you to get clearer, smoother skin. Secondly, they help with a more evenly toned complexion. Finally, they assist with concerns like acne, fine lines and textural problems. 

Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are creams that are designed to be left on while you sleep and washed off in the morning. Unlike night creams, they tend to be made of a lighterweight gel texture, making them perfect for all skin types. 

Waking up to beautifully soft skin? Yes, please!

Confused? Don’t Be!

The easiest way to find a skincare routine that works for you is to try a few out and see what works best. Whether it’s a Korean Beauty Routine or a simple, minimalist routine there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Did you find it useful to have an overview of the Korean Beauty routine? Let us know your questions in the comments.

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"Although there are a whooole lot of steps that you may want to include, that isn’t to say that if you don’t do all them you aren’t doing a “Korean Beauty routine” or that you need to work your way up to doing all of them to find success with your skincare."


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