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Top K-Beauty Trends at the Cosmo Beauty Expo

June 11, 2024

Top K-Beauty Trends at the Cosmo Beauty Expo

Episode 244 -  Top K-Beauty Trends at the Cosmo Beauty Expo 

If you’re curious about what goes on at a K-Beauty expo in Korea then don’t miss this episode. Lauren is covering what’s trending in K-Beauty in 2024 for devices, ingredients, skin and hair care, plus who would benefit the most from attending this expo. 



Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: At Home Beauty Devices

  • The three top device trends at this year’s expo were:

1. LED masks

In addition to the regular LED style face masks and the panels for use in-clinic, I also saw masks that were specifically designed for the under eye area

2. Ultrasound devices

There has been a proliferation of products incorporating ultrasound technology, spurred on no doubt by the popularity of the Medicube device

Product claims included everything from restoring a damaged barrier, improving sensitive skin, wrinkle reduction, product absorption etc. A lot of them have different settings to target different areas of the face and various skin issues 

3. EMS technology

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation

These devices are for sculpting the face, enhancing muscle strength, improving circulation and claim to in turn also boost your glow (as a side effect of improved circulation).

EMS equipment works your facial muscles, improving their strength and flexibility.

Manufacturers claim that consistent use of EMS can make your jawline and cheekbones seem more defined, chiseled, and contoured, as well as promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage 


Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Nail Salon Tech 

  • Several exhibitors were specialising in products for use in nail salons
  • One device featured an all in one system that was capable of several different functions in one including:
    • a vacuum for capturing nail gel and skin particles
    • UV disinfection
    • lighting
    • the overall aim was to ensure a safer and more versatile environment for nail technicians and clients 

Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Pimple Patches

  • Pimple patches have been trending for the last 5 or so years and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. 
  • There was everything from hydrocolloid patches, to needle patches, brightening patches and even magnesium pimple patches. 
  • These caught my eye because they look like a metal snowflake
    • The idea is that they target the bacteria associated with acne. 
    • Apparently they’ve completed testing to a 6mm range, so they’re able to kill bacteria down under the skin’s surface. 
    • The idea is that the product is a magnesium micro-carrier that helps calm trouble through the magnesium ionization process
    • Micro-carriers are finer than a strand of hair and can deliver active ingredients deep into the skin without pain 
    • They generate hydrogen through ionization to soothe troubles and have an antibacterial effect.

Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Pad Products  

  • Toning pad style products are having such a huge moment in Korean beauty. I’ve previously mentioned that sometimes up to an entire shelf of an offline beauty store here in Korea will be dedicated to various pad style products
  • I was able to speak with one manufacturer who makes the pads themselves and the sheer variety of different variations available as a base for pad products is impressive. They have everything from cotton to rayon and even gauze with functions ranging from exfoliating to hydrating 
  • I saw more styles of bevelling than you can poke a stick at 

Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Diet pills and systems

  • One thing that caught my eye because it would be out of place in a lot of western settings these days is the proliferation of diet pills and supplements. 
  • Suffice it to say that this is still a huge part of the market in Korea and very popular among consumers. 
  • A lot of celebrities and idols promote really extreme diet culture here and there does not seem to be the same awareness of the danger culture as the conversations that we are having in many western countries at the moment 

Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Custom skincare 

  • Customized skincare is still really popular in Korea 
  • I saw one machine manufacturer who had designed a special customized skincare machine that can be rolled out in stores, salons and clinic. 
  • It allows each client / customer to input their specific skin details and the machine creates a customised skincare ampoule solution on the spot.
  • This is definitely something that would give you an edge over your competitors if you were looking for something really eye-catching in your salon. 

Top Trending Ingredients at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Peptides, collagen, stem cells

Top K-Beauty Trends at Cosmo Beauty Expo 2024: Hair and scalp care 

  • This year’s exhibitors included a lot of brands, devices and products focusing on the health of the hair and scalp. There were some that offer massage and to assess the health of the scalp 
  • Another thing I noticed was that many hair brush manufacturers were in attendance this year -
  •  there were brushes to manage tangles and even something called a “wave flexible vent wet brush”, which is apparently supposedly to quickly dry most hair types
    • It works by allowing air to circulate freely and blow through the bristle section, so that it doesn’t bounce hair off the brush like other brushes.
    • There were also lots of different styles of brush that aim to protect the hair’s cuticle and move with your hair to prevent split ends 

K-Beauty Brands attending the Expo 

  • Although visiting brand booths was not really high on my agenda for this year, I did notice a variety of different K-beauty brands at the expo, including Lalarecipe, Mixsoon, Neogenand Coxir

Who would I recommend the Cosmo Beauty Expo to?

In a nutshell, I think this expo is a great one to attend for people who have their own brand, who are looking to manufacture in Korea or people that run a clinic, salon or spa. Unlike some of the other expos that are more brand-focused, this one has a good turn out of vendors catering to clinics, salons and manufacturers with more of a focus on devices and therapeutic goods. 

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“Without a doubt this year's biggest trend was at-home beauty devices”

Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show podcast 

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