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The Grits Method For Removing Blackheads

November 17, 2022

The Grits Method to Remove Blackheads

The Grits Method For Removing Blackheads


Episode Description

Lauren shares how she does the grits method to remove blackheads, plus some of the biggest changes in the Korean cosmetics market post COVID-19. We've got new releases from COSRX & Laneige, plus how to deal with dry skin this winter. 


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EPISODE SUMMARY - The Grits Method For Removing Blackheads


Biggest Changes in Korean Cosmetics Market After COVID-19 

  • The Korean cosmetics market shrunk as a result of COVID-19, but we are witnessing a recovery trend now that social distancing has eased.
  • Above all, the biggest change since COVID-19 is that consumer interest in skin care has increased (about 79%, which is a 4% increase from 2 years ago). 
  • On the other hand, the influence of makeup has been reduced to 21%. 
  • This has occurred not only due to the daily use of masks but also because consumer interest in improving the skin itself has increased.
  • Consumers are more interested in building a solid skin routine focused on both soothing and improving their skin through "active care".
    • Moisture/moisturization is the most popular at 83% and complex functions at 72%. 
    • Above all, whitening and anti-aging, which were representative functions in the past, are converging into complex functions. 
    • Along with this, niche functions such as skin trouble and pores are also growing.


Korean Cosmetics Market Post COVID-19

  • The most representative products are cream (81%), essence (73%), and skin care face masks (63%)
  • The release of hybrid products in complex forms, including stick-type has also made its mark on the market, originally driven by an increase in hygiene and convenience. 
  • The overall makeup trend is focused on naturally looking "good skin" rather than perfect cover. 
  • Lip makeup is recovering, mainly in the way of lip tints and lip balms
  • Korean consumers are increasingly aware of clean beauty and vegan beauty, with about half saying they understand the trends and about half saying they consider this when making a purchase. This is particular the case in relation to the "MZ" generation (an amalgamation of millennials and Gen-Z) 
  • Offline distribution is now more a way of experiencing the values or philosophy of the brand rather than buying products. 


Korean Beauty Christmas Sets Are Now Out 

  • This is the time of the year that many K-Beauty brands are releasing their Christmas sets and limited editions. 
  • This year, STYLE STORY has a few limited edition sets
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Question of the Week: The Grits Method For Removing Blackheads


One of my Instagram followers asked whether I'd heard of this and whether I think it works. 


  • This is actually one of my favourite ways to remove blackheads.
  • There are a couple of different ways to do the grits method (including with a chemical exfoliant) but this is how I do mine: 
  1. Soften the pores with an oil-based cleansing balm.
  2. Draw impurities to the surface using a clay mask.
  3. Dislodging any leftover blackheads with another coat of cleansing balm. Rinse and then begin my hydrating steps. 
  • If done properly not only will your skin be silky smooth and blackhead free but you should actually be able to see the grits that have come out too. 
  • A lot of people use cleansing oils instead but I personally prefer a balm. 
  • Once a week is plenty (especially for dry skin types). 

New K-Beauty Products 

COSRX the Retinol 0.5% Oil

  • This Retinol Oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, creases and fine lines. In addition, it increases the skin's elasticity and improves radiance
  • Retinol is often considered to be the gold standard in anti-aging because it helps to reduce the signs of aging. Not only does it tackle the look of fine lines and wrinkles, it can also help you to achieve smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.
  • Finally, retinol helps to renew and resurface the skin, leaving your face glowing with radiance.



COSRX The Vitamin C 23 Serum (20g)


  • COSRX's Vitamin C Serum is a highly concentrated serum that fades marks and brightens the complexion. In addition, it works to revitalize dull and dry skin.

  • It contains a stabilized Vitamin C at a pH of 3.36. This assists to minimize reactions when the product comes into contact with air.

  • Not only does the serum contain an assortment of hydrating and replenishing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin, it is also well tolerated by sensitive skin.


Laneige Perfect Renew Youth Regenerating Cream(50ml)


  • Laneige's Perfect Renew Youth is a nourishing pro-aging cream. It not only reduces the visible signs of early aging but also gives you a smoother and firmer-looking complexion.

  • Made with Glyco-Miracle™, a proprietary anti-aging technology. Firstly, it combines Energy Glyco with Tri-Peptide. In addition, it creates a high-definition look of skin that's perfect for your close up.

  • Moisturises and smoothes skin texture, boosts skin energy and firmness



    New K-Beauty Reviews



    • APLB Booster Hair Essence 
    • The first Essence
    • "This is the first essence I’ve tried…my hair is normally frizzy, straw-like and brittle. It’s maybe because i dyed my hair. I’ve tried this essence for a week and my hair feels smooth and soft. In western countries there are some products, but I couldn’t find any for my frizzy hair. I will use this product in the future and I definitely recommend it. My daughter has long hair too and I was wondering from what age you can use this product?"


      • Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam 
      • Sooooo good
      • "I love this so much my skin has never felt softer and it smells so yummy I will definitely be buying this in doubles so my daughter can have her own and stop taking mine lol"


        Recommendation of the Week - Dry Skin 

        • If you're experiencing dry skin and heading into winter where you are, try adding a humidifier. 
        • If you're experiencing dry skin going into summer, then try sticking to cleansing once a day, at night, unless you're experiencing excessive oiliness. 


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        "Post COVID-19 Korean consumers are more interested in building a solid skin routine focused on both soothing and improving their skin through "active care"."

        - Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

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