Korean Celebrities Skincare Routines Ep-10

January 13, 2021

Korean Celebrities Skincare Routines Ep-10

EPISODE 10 – Korean Celebrities Skincare Routines

Episode Title: Korean Celebrities Skincare Routines Ep-10

Episode Summary:

From K-Pop to K-Drama stars, today we’re going through the skincare routines, tips and secrets of Korean stars with some of the best skin going.

This was a requested episode from one of our listeners on Instagram!

Topics Discussed:

In researching for this episode I discovered there were a couple of staple steps of the stars’ skincare routines. These steps are so well-practiced most of the celebs didn’t even mention them as an actual “step” in the routine:

It seems that these steps go without saying.

Individual Celebs Skincare Routines

On today’s episode we go through the skincare routines of K-Pop stars:

  • Jihyo of TWICE
  • Joy of Red Velvet
  • Hyebin of Momoland
  • Tiffany Young of Girls Generation
  • Cha Eunwoo of Astro
  • Baekyun of Exo

Korean Celebs with Special Skincare Tips

A lot of Korean celebs have special skincare tips, hacks and tricks that they swear by for maintaining their complexions. The tips range from solid skincare advice, to slightly more eyebrow raising hacks:

  • Son Ye Jin – Famous for using sheet masks every day.
  • Monsta X’s Minhyuk – does the “3 Skins” method. This is a version of the popular “7 Skins method“.
  • IU – mixes facial oils with her makeup to prevent her skin from drying out.
  • Bae Suzy – Famous for the “424” method of double cleansing.
  • Jeon Ji Hyun – does facial massage to promote blood flow to her face after she washes her face.
  • Jang Nara – also a fan of facial massage, except she does hers while washing her face.
  • BTS Jeong Kuk – Washes his face once a week with apple cider vinegar
  • Kim Tae Hee – famously picky with her skincare products and refuses to use anything with a strong scent. She’s also a big fan of trips to the dermatologist when filming.
  • Ha Ji Won – Known for not using a towel to dry her face, because she considers the rough texture to be too harsh on her skin. She takes cold showers too.

Would YOU try out any of these at home?

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