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The 7 Skin Method is one of K-Beauty’s hottest trends, layering your toner for hydrated, healthier looking skin.

If you’re after the K-Beauty glow in as few steps as possible the 7 Skin Method is your new BFF!

Today, we’re listing the best toners to use for the 7 Skin Method.


Choosing the right toner is key for the 7 Skin Method, as the wrong toner may end up irritating your skin instead.

The ideal toner  is something with low-no alcohol in it’s formula, little to no added fragrance and no dyes. Avoid anything with acids in it either. We love:

PACKage Woljeongli Bada Toner – arguably the ideal formula for the 7 Skins method, this natural toner is completely free fromparabens, fragrances, alcohol, mineral oil, silicone, pigments, PEG, and phenoxyethanol. It is jam-packed with humectants, including sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid, honey and aloe.

iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Toner – a dual-function toner that’s perfect for sensitive skin, containing star calming ingredients tea tree (67%), centella asiatica (20%) and portulaca extract to moisturise and nourish while keeping skin clean and clear.

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner – a cruelty-free toner formulated for dry, sensitive skin that combines traditional oriental medicine ingredients with modern skincare.

iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner – an ultra-moisturising multi toner perfect for cleansing, moisturising and to use as a water pack. It contains star ingredients rose water, galactomyces and more.

Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner – a cruelty-free Korean skin toner with star ingredient Barberry root, an antioxidant plant known for its anti-inflammatory, energising and nourishing properties.

COSRX Galactomyces Alcohol Free Toner – formulated with star ingredient galactomyces (yeast extract) this toner tones, calms, nourishes and exfoliates for brighter skin.

iUNIK Vitamin Hyaluronic Acid Vitalizing Toner – a revitalizing post-cleanse toner that contains Hyaluronic Acid (45%) and Seabuckthorn Extract (5%). It offers deep hydration, making it the perfect choice for rough, dry skin.


Once you’ve found the right toner, the 7 Skin technique is simple:

1 Cleanse your face

2 Put toner onto a cotton pad and then apply it to your face and neck.

2 While your face is still damp, pour the same toner into your hands and pat a thin layer into your face.

3 Repeat step 2 five more times.

It’s important to work out the perfect layers of toner for your skin – you might not need 7 and that’s okay – stop when your face feels fully hydrated!

The final step is to apply an occlusive barrier like a moisturising cream to seal the hydration in your skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen too if you’re doing this routine in the morning.

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