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K-Beauty Trend Alert: "Healthy Pleasure"

March 28, 2023

K-Beauty Trend Alert: "Healthy Pleasure"

On this episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast, Lauren talks through the new “Healthy Pleasure trend taking over Korea and what it means for beauty. Plus, what are the differences in makeup consumption between Koreans, Americans and Japanese and what’s the best way to use a hydrogel eye mask in your skincare routine?



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K-Beauty News

“Healthy Pleasure” Trend Taking Over in Korea 

  • The "Healthy Pleasure" trend is taking off among the MZ generation
  • We're seeing everything from "zero products" to low calorie foods and an interest in ingredients in skincare.
  • Unlike "Guilty Pleasures" that you need to feel bad about indulging in, "Healthy Pleasures" are all about indulging in something that's good for your health. 
  • In food, salads are catching on everywhere from convenience stores to speciality delivery restaurants. Meal prep is also getting big, as is the gluten free trend. 
  • Korean consumers' interest in pursuing health is now to their skin, where they are looking for products that are healthier for both their skin and the earth. 
  • But are these products necessarily better? Lauren discusses


Differences in Makeup Consumption Between Korea, America and Japan

  • Open Survey has released the results of their analysis on the consumption of “colour cosmetics”
  • In terms of base makeup alone:
    • Cushions and pacts are mainly used in Korea (57.7% and 26.0% respectively), but they are rarely used in the United States and Japan.
    • Instead, foundations, powders, and concealers were found to be popular in the United States (49.0%, 41.0%, and 39.9% respectively).
    • Blusher, highlighter, shading, and bronzer rates were also high (35.1% and 28.2% respectively).
    • In Japan, the rate of using makeup base, tone-up, BB, CC cream and foundation was remarkable (51.8%, 47.7%). This is likely because light base makeup such as "subtraction makeup" and "no makeup" has have recently become popular in Japan.

K-Beauty Trend Alert: Healthy Pleasure

More Online Consumers Purchasing From Overseas

  • According to statistics released by Forbes Advisor in February 2023, 57% of online consumers have directly purchased something from overseas. 
  • This means that the importance of "borders" in commerce is decreasing.
  • More than half of consumers will turn to overseas markets if they cannot find the product they want in their region or country.


Question of the Week: How Should I Use a Hydrogel Eye Mask?


Our listener wrote in, asking:

"Hi! Wondering when the best time to use an eye mask would be since it is like a 20-30 min wait. Can I put it on after moisturizer?"

  • Hydrogel eye masks are best applied  after toner / essence and before serum
  • While you wait the 20-30 minutes for the mask to go to work you can either wait to apply your other skincare products or, if your skin is really dry, just apply them around the rest of your face (not covered by the eye masks). 

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Blanding in Kbeauty
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"Unlike "Guilty Pleasures" that you need to feel bad about indulging in, "Healthy Pleasures" are all about indulging in something that's good for your health. But a lot of what I'm seeing in the market gives me strong early 2000s diet culture vibes"

- Lauren Lee, Korean Beauty Expert

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