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Clinical Korean Skincare Brands

June 08, 2021

Clinical Korean Skincare Brands

Clinical Korean Skincare Brands


Episode Title:Clinical Korean Skincare Brands


Episode Description:


Korea is famous for its day spas, dermatologists and plastic surgery clinics, in part thanks to a variety of treatments that aren’t available overseas. But the other thing they have in common is their use of clinical Korean skincare brand; the type of products you’ll usually only find at an aesthetician in western countries. Today, we’re exploring what they are, how they’re different from non-clinical brands and some of the top trending clinical K-Beauty brands.  





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Episode Summary:


K-Beauty News Headlines - Amore Pacific Publishes Results on the Skin of Wearing a COVID Face Mask for a Day 


Amore Pacific’s Research Institute of Technology published the results of their research on the effects of wearing a COVID face mask in the international journal on Skin Research & Technology.

Whereas one might expect that the area inside the mask would be moistened due to the humidity trapped in the mask, the study confirmed that it was actually the opposite. Dryness was actually being caused by the breath, which had been heated by the body temperature and then combined with the sealing effect of the mask. 

After wearing a mask, various skin changes were observed:

  1. Firstly, redness became pronounced on the cheeks
  2. Secondly, the perioral area recorded lower levels of hydration
  3. Thirdly, sebum secretion was visible on the forehead, cheeks, chin and perioral area. 
  4. Finally, transepidermal water loss was measured. 

The study concluded that although wearing a mask is essential for stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus, skin placed in a mask-wearing environment needs proper moisturizing and soothing care. That's because the skin drying out can lead to aging. In addition, it can cause a reduction in elasticity and in the appearance of wrinkles.


Clinical Korean Skincare Brands 

What differentiates Clinical Korean Skincare brands from ordinary brands?


A few things:

  • Firstly, Where they are stocked - skin clinics and plastic surgery clinics vs B2C and online sites
  • Price - they tend to be much more expensive (2-3 times the price of roadstore brands) 
  • Ingredients - heavy focus on rejuvenating and skin regenerating ingredients. 
  • Finally, Patents and registration as “기능성 화장품” (known in English as “functional cosmetics”). These are more strictly regulated by the KFDA because they have the qualities or properties of drugs. 


Clinical Korean Skincare Brands 

How "Functional Cosmetics" in Korea are Regulated

Under Korean cosmetics and pharmaceutical legislation, there are different levels of regulations for various cosmetic products. A special category known as “functional cosmetics” are the most strictly regulated, and these are products that make whitening claims, wrinkle reducing claims and SPF products. 

Another category is regulated as “quasi drugs” and these include things like acne improvement, treatment of atopic dermatitis and hair loss prevention. 

Lastly, if the product is making claims about cells (collagen expression productivity, tyrosinase activity inhibition, cytotoxicity etc) the products need to undergo cell efficacy evaluation testing. 


Clinical Korean Skincare Brands


Famous Aesthetician Brands in Korea  

There are many famous clinical skincare brands used in clinical settings throughout Korea and the world. Some of the most popular include:



  • The brand creates formulas with a skin soothing effect that are moisturising. They focus on light application and absorption.

  • Currently stocked in domestic skin clinics and plastic surgery clinics. 

  • They work with ingredients like PDRN (a DNA extract ingredient that helps with wound repair) Peptides, Centella asiatica (Cica), Allantoin and Houttuynia cordata

  • Some of their most popular products:

    • PDRN Rejuvenating cream (aimed at wrinkle reduction and brightening, barrier repair, elasticity, calming and repairing)

Ultra V

  • This is a bio-medical beauty brand that creates functional cosmetics. In addition, the make devices and threads for thread lifts. 

  • Ultra Vproducts are stocked in both skin clinics and plastic surgery centres. This includes their dissolving threads for thread lifts, medical equipment and functional cosmetics.

  • They have developed a type of thread that lasts for 2 years once inserted made with PCL(Polycaprolactone) and PDO(Polydioxanone)



  • This is a professional aesthetician's brand widely used in Korea and distributed only to medical clinics.  
  • They use plant stem cells and many more
  • One of their most famous products is their Azulan Complex Ampoule 72


Dr G

  • This is an internationally renowned brand started by the Owner of Goeun Sesang ("Beautiful World") skin clinic.
  • Wide variety of ingredients to treat different skin issues

  • Red Blemish Clear Soothing Cream Clinicalis very popular in Korea. 

Clinical Korean Skincare Brands


Easy Dew 

  • This is a famous cosmeceutical brand that holds patents for its cosmetic technologies. They also sell medical devices. 

  • They work with sH-oligopeptide 1 (EGF) and patented ingredients

  • Two of their most popular products domestically are DW-EGF Moisture Synergy Ampoule, DW-EGF Cream Presome RX


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  • If you are interested in clinical Korean skincare products to stock in your own clinic, please get in touch with our team. They would be happy to match you with the perfect brand for your clinic -


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"Under the Korean Cosmetics Act, there are different levels of regulations for various cosmetic products. A special category known as “functional cosmetics” are the most strictly regulated, and these are products that make whitening claims, wrinkle reducing claims and SPF products."

- Lauren Lee, K-Beauty

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