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Are Korean Sunscreens Not Recommended?

October 04, 2022

Are Korean Sunscreens Not Recommended?

Are Korean Sunscreens Not Recommended?


Lauren answers a listener's question whether Korean sunscreens are recommended, as well as their suitability. She also explains the reason they can't be sold in Australia and why many Korean sunscreens also can't be sold in the US. In addition, she runs through the key trends for skincare this autumn as well as global anti-aging trends. 




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K-Beauty News Headlines

Exfoliation is a Key Trend This Autumn in Korea 

  • During fall in Korea there's a wide variance in daily temperatures which can easily break the skin's balance, making it more prone to irritation. Pollution also starts getting worse around October 
  • As a result, many Korean Skincare brands are focusing on products that will gently exfoliate sensitive skin without contributing to irritation
    • Lots of skincare acids (AHAs, BHAs, PHAs); 
    • Lotions, Bubble Pads, Washes, Toners and even masks 
  • Removing dead skin cells in a timely manner is beneficial for the skin because it helps keep it moisturised, protects it and prevent it from looking dry and congested 

Key Korean Beauty Trends for Fall

Aging Care Is the Top Global Beauty Trend 

Regardless of age, aging care is a top concern for consumers in the global market. However, research reveals that there are some key differences in the way the products are market and which products are popular depending on the country. 

  • China -the focus is on "early anti-aging"
  • Japan - focuses on "skin balance"
    • Japanese are interested in finding the natural balance of the skin to help in ongoing management of aging signs
  • USA - "anti-stress aging"
    • To recover tired skin and damaged skin barriers as a result of the pandemic
  • France - "anti-aging"
    • French are concerned with the prevention of aging 
  • Thailand - slow aging
    • Because of the weather there are concerns about UV damage causing aging, as well as the heat and sweat. Sunscreen a big category 
  • Kazakhstan - "home care anti-aging"
    • Sheet masks and hydrogel patches that can be quickly done at home. 

Even in the same trend there are difference between the recommended products. 

  • Source: Son Sung Min, “Main Trend Keyword for Each Country 2021-22” 

Are Korean Sunscreens Not Recommended


Clean Beauty Search Volumes Are Increasing 

  • The search volume for "clean beauty" is increasing, as are searches for keywords around this like "circular economy", "ethical", "biodegradable" 
  • This shows that the clean beauty market is also heavily influenced by concerns around waste management, up cycling, biodiversity etc 
  • Whereas "clean beauty" has a long history in the US and Europe, Asia is still in a rapid growth period. In Korea the concern is more around acquiring EWG ratings and marking them on packages to appeal to consumers who want eco-friendly consumption.

Question of the Week: Are Korean Sunscreens Not Recommended?

I wouldn’t say they aren’t recommended but just be aware that the regulations in Korea are quite different so an SPF 50+ product and the labelling requirements will be different.

In the US, there is a list of approved sunscreen filters and only those can be used. 

In Australia, it is extremely difficult for Korean sunscreens to meet TGA guidelines because they aren't manufactured in TGA approved facilities most of the time, which is a local requirement. 

Most Korean sunscreens aren’t waterproof either, which means they aren't suitable for swimming, sweating or working out outside. 

I've got a video on Youtube explaining in more detail about why Korean sunscreens can't be sold in Australia. Be aware that they also can't be marketed to you as a sunscreen product either. By brands, stores, journalists or by Australian influencers. The latter are not allowed to provide paid or incentivized testimonials for these products. 

An easy way to check if the product meets the guidelines in Australia is to see if it has an AUST-L number on the packaging. 

For an in-depth guide for industry, you can purchase the Cosmetic vs Therapeutics Claim Guide

Are Korean Sunscreens Not Recommended


New Korean Skincare Product Releases

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream

  • Upgraded version of Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream (75ml). This is packed with dewy, bouncy goodness to promote hydrated skin with a generous boost of collagen.

  • The updated formula of this collagen moisturiser is free of allergen fragrances. It also has a smoother, creamier texture for ease of application.

  • Furthermore, this moisturiser now contains more than 65 percent collagen.

  • Good for oily and combination skin types 

Make Prem Watery Gel Cream

  • Make P:rem's Watery Gel Cream provides immediate relief and support for skin thanks to the pH 5.5 balance. 
  • It is great for dehydrated and oily skin because it soothes, cools and restores the skin’s oil-moisture balance


New Kbeauty Reviews on STYLE STORY 

NINE LESS Magic Nine Fill Up Silk Hair Treatment

  • Tester's Club reviewer reports:
    • "I use as conditioner
    • Nice product. If you just want to get out of the shower quickly, this can act as a hair conditioner, just apply on your hair ends then blow dry, not greasy at all"

NINE LESS Daily Intense Nourishing Hair Essence120ml

  • "If you don't have time to go to the salon this Nineless hair serum will be the perfect product for your hair to shine and stay healthy. I use it right after the shower and right before drying my hair. it doesn't make my clothes greasy, just 2 pumps is enough for all my hair ends."

Review for the Podcast 

It’s more than Skin Routine education! by Caucm on July 7, 2022

Every week I look forward to plug my headphones at work into The Show and absorb the content provided by Lauren! - like a school’s days I always have a pen/paper taking notes on her advice and products suggestions 🤭😏 - and Lovee the local Korean news and daily whats On sections that give me an overall view on how these trends (skincare products ) goes beyond that just a simple “new thing out there” - The Show takes time to explain these matters pros and cons and Im grateful for this.


STYLE STORY - Your Go-To for Kbeauty 

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Beauty Veteran Sarah Chung on K-Beauty & BeautyFluent

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