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Men's Anti-Aging Skincare Set

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Men's Anti-aging Skincare Set

Our Men's Anti-aging Skincare Set includes all the products you need – a cleanser and exfoliator, essence, serum and moisturiser. If you bought each of these products together you'd pay $203. Instead, you get the set for only $130! 


What's included?

Our Men's Anti-aging Skincare Set includes full sized versions of the following Korean Beauty products:


Cleanser &. Exfoliator: Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam 

Essence: APLB Glutathione Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Serum: APLB Idebenone Ampoule Serum 

Moisturiser: Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream 

Meet the products

Step 1:  Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam

2 Products in 1 - 100% Customizable 

You choose between a foam cleanse or an exfoliation at every routine.

As a Cleanser: Dissolve the sugar crystals in your palms first, before applying the foam to a wet face. Voila - it's a regular cleanser! 

As an Exfoliant: Apply the scrub to a damp face and gently massage it in. Voila - it exfoliates, dissolving the dirt and debris clogging pores. Watch it melt into a creamy foam that thoroughly cleanses. 

Step 2: APLB Glutathione Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Stop stressing about pigmentation and dull skin and let APLB Glutathione Hyaluronic Acid Essence do the hard work for you. This powerful anti-aging treatment is infused with one of Korea's favourite ingredients for uneven skin tone, glutathione

This first-treatment essence doesn't mess around.

From the first step of your skincare, this anti-aging essence targets dull skin, patchy skin and more with an effective, scientifically-based formula. 

It combines top ingredients glutathione, niacinamide, asiatic acid, beta glucan, sodium hyaluronate and more. It manages all of the common anti-aging concerns, from lack of elasticity, dark spots and hydration to fine lines.


Men's Anti-Aging Skincare Set Step 3: APLB Idebenone Ampoule Serum

This ampoule is ideal for mature skin. 

It leaves skin vibrant and radiant thanks to star ingredient Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant. It assists with the signs of aging. 

How to Use: Apply a few drops after essence. 

Men's Anti-Aging Skincare Set Step 4: Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream 

Fourthly, slow the visible signs of aging with a high-powered anti-aging moisturiser. This cream is not only rich in protein, vitamins and minerals it is also ideal for maintaining a youthful looking skin.

How to Use: Take a small amount of cream as the last step in your skincare and apply to your entire face and neck morning and night


Firstly, STYLE STORY doesn't recommend introducing all new products to your skin all at once. That's because this can lead to reactions.  Instead, we recommend patch testing each new skincare product one by one. You can do this by using a small amount of product in a discrete part of your face for several days by itself. This helps to test for any allergic or adverse reactions.

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