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Why You Shouldn’t Work Out Wearing Makeup

December 31, 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Work Out Wearing Makeup

Why You Shouldn’t Work Out Wearing Makeup

Whether it’s a trip to the gym straight after work or you’ve willingly gone in with a full face of makeup on, most of us are guilty of wearing makeup to the gym at some stage.

Today we’re looking at why you shouldn’t work out wearing makeup and other things to avoid while you’re at it!

It probably goes without saying that makeup forms a barrier on your skin that covers your pores (…which is why we’re wearing it in the first place, right?! Visible pores, no thanks)

Unfortunately, when it comes to working out, your makeup mixes with oil and perspiration, which can contribute to congestion in the pores, as they are blocked and thus unable to release sweat. Skin that is blocked like this can easily lead to breakouts and, in turn, uneven skin.

Summer Skin

If you’re working out in summer (or outdoors), wearing makeup is an even worse idea.

In summer, pores are already widened thanks to the humidity, meaning any ingredients contained in your makeup will make it directly into your skin. This might not be so much a problem if you’re wearing a Korean BB Cream like Skin79’s Golden Snail Intensive BB Cream, which has a formula that looks more like a skincare product than makeup, but it’s safe to say that most of us don’t check this.

Instead, it’s best to work out with a clean face that has a light skin lotion applied over the top, so that any ingredients in your skincare products that are absorbed by the skin while you’re working out are beneficial for it. Ditto, drinking water throughout your routine to rehydrate your body and skin.


Another thing to never skip out on, particularly if working out outdoors is a good sunscreen.

Skin that is exposed to the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays is a prime candidate for premature aging and loss of elasticity, particularly in summer. For best results, apply your sunscreen half an hour before your workout, and reapply it every two hours if you’ll be outside for a while.


One thing that might surprise you that can contribute to breakouts at the gym is the towels.

As they are laundered in bulk, gym towels are often washed in commercial strength chemicals, which can contain harsh detergents or even bacteria that live in the fibers of the cloth. Avoid wiping your face with these towels and avoid touching your face while working out too, as bacteria can be transferred from the machines in the gym to your face this way.


Although it’s tempting, particularly after a long day at work, avoid wearing makeup to the gym. Rather than going completely bare faced, apply a light lotion to aid with hydration and a sunscreen to avoid UVA / UVB exposure if you’re working out outdoors.

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